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  1. Please don't beat yourself up, you sound like the sort of neighbour any one of us would want. I bet we're all a bit guilty of what happened to you. Whilst we do take notice of any neighbours alarms going off, we do find that there are a few rogue ones that are forever on the blink, going off for no reason. After a time its so easy to dismiss and ignore them. Thanks anyway for your post, something we should all take on board. I would though advise not putting yourself in danger but involving the police.
  2. It would seem so. Re-opened in 2014 after restoration - how has it got into its present state in a relatively short time? Obviously hasn't had its predicted use. One would ask why? Have the council not advertised it or has there not been any uptake for its use?
  3. It would be interesting to know IF/ how that money was spent for its intended purpose.
  4. Good luck in your new home. Hope you're settled and warm and snug before winter comes.
  5. It gets better!! My simple query on hearing aids quickly turned to a discussion on childcare and to top that we're now onto Tommy Cooper and a man with a banana in his ear!! SF at its best.
  6. Have they got it listed as an Asset of Community Value?
  7. To be honest, AnnaB, until this happened I admit that I would never have conceived how easily such a situation could come about. It doesn't happen to us, does it? Well, I learned a valuable lesson in that it so easily could.
  8. Some years ago my son was in a really good position. Excellent, well-paid job, partner and young son, beautiful home, the world, seemingly, at his feet. And then it all went wrong. He and his partner split up. His only concern was for the well being of his little boy. He left his ex and child in their home and moved into a small flat, taking absolutely nothing. He continued contributing heavily to the mortgage on his former home and paid child maintenance over and above what he needed to. He then lost his job. Overnight he went from being in a really comfortable position to having to pay a mortgage, flat rent, child maintenance - and no income. Three things were in his favour. He was well educated and had every chance of getting another job; he had some savings to eke him out for a while; he had a family who were there to offer support, if needed. Not everyone has those safety nets. It was a wake up call for me. Only then I realised that without them, how easily he could have spiralled into a position of becoming homeless. So, whilst many are on our streets for many other reasons, self-made or not, I'm always aware that the odd one or two could have been my son.
  9. Thank you. I know what you mean about everyday sounds seeming exaggerated. Couldn't believe how noisy leaves rustling in trees could be!! I've found that to persevere is the answer - in time I got used to the noises that other people were used to hearing. It's not an exact science when in company and lots of people are chatting. As to "private" - VERY expensive and such a gamble if there's no guarantee that they'll work.
  10. Well, SF never fails!! A simple (I thought) query on hearing aids and, true to form, within a couple of posts a whole can of worms opens debate on the rights and wrongs of childcare. I love you people! Thanks anyway to those answering my query.
  11. Well done to your son and of course you should feel proud. Doing the course my son did, albeit a few years ago, so a few more years of hard work to come!! But, hopefully, with the same excellent outcome. Good luck.
  12. I wear two NHS aids which when they work, are fine. But I don't seem to have much success with them - only two months ago they stopped working and were replaced with no indication that I'd done anything wrong. Now, they've packed in again. Have checked everything, as advised, but no success so another return to Chesterfield Royal. My family are suggesting I go privately but I'm not convinced. They're very expensive and, apart from cost, how do I know they'll perform any better? Any opinions, please?
  13. Loved your post Downunder. Found it really touching. It was like the first chapter of a good book! Hope there's more to come.
  14. We do because we have no shops. A car journey every time and hate shopping of any kind, so once a week is more than enough. Have to work on eventuality of not being able to get out including getting snowed in over winter which does happen. So shelves, freezer always well stocked. Weekly trip to Crystal Peaks, Sainsbury's and M & S - sorted!!
  15. Only a few days ago I received a letter from HMRC informing me that I'd overpaid tax. I followed their advice via their genuine website to complete and print out a refund form. Today, yes Sunday, I've just received what is obviously a scam e-mail purporting to be from HMRC informing me that I'm owed a tax refund. I haven't opened any attachments, have forwarded it to HMRC's phishing department and then deleted it. I'm not computer literate so it's bugging me - is it pure coincidence that the scam e-mail followed on so quickly from my genuine dealings with HMRC or can someone, somewhere, somehow know about them?
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