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  1. Hi folks, my I, t ,skills are poor. I have to send my new insurance company evidence of my no claim discount ,have tried without success, Help.
  2. Hi folks, anyone know of anyone in Sheffield area who repairs karcher pressure washers.
  3. Hi folks, wanting information , I am wanting to tether my SAMSUNG galaxy 7edge to my acer laptop on Windows 10.does it consume much data for general browsing e t c ?.
  4. Hi folks, I run my laptop on a 02 dongle, i paid a shop £ 35 to install windows 10 free version, anyone know why my data is being gobbled up on updating, £40 this month so far ? .Any ideas .Thanks for looking. .
  5. hi folks, i run my laptop with a 02 dongle, windows 10 would take about 4 hours and use about 3gig of data costing £30 pounds, is their a better way , thanks for any reply.
  6. my intended use is out and about in my motorhome , hope this helps.
  7. hi folk, thanks for looking . I have a leaflet advertising this item ,go to http://www.livingleisure.co.uk.
  8. hi folks, anyone any knowledge of , to use with laptop,ipad ,tablet, smartphone, costing £200 quid. thanks for response.
  9. i used big switch last year ,sainsburys energy ! actually british gas, First utility a lot cheaper,go onto u switch for a comparison.
  10. hi folks, i have a sony laptop on xp, anyone know the cost to load windows 7/8 ? thanks for looking.
  11. hi folks, anyone using it ,know of problems ,side effects etc, thanks.
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