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  1. Hi Phylis, There's nothing wrong with the house, it's a brand new family house on a new build estate by a reputable local builder in a nice area with good facilities and great primary school at a bargain price. I'm only selling due to work / relocation out of the area - the job came just 3 months after we moved in. The housing market is just very slow... uncertainties over interest rates and recession, talk of a house price crash, rents not keeping up with mortgages, a gloomy rainy summer and to top it off... floods
  2. Sorry! (My own property has been listed 'for sale' since April. Now I'm beyond caring...)
  3. Maybe it would be better to ask "Has anyone sold a property recently?"
  4. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news?articleid=2719972
  5. Just order one of these - it will be here next day http://www.packnmove.co.uk/multi_packs/medium_multipack.html
  6. I only found out for certain last week, and called them as soon as I knew.
  7. We are moving to a new house which does not have a BT phone line. I called up to get a connection and was told there would be a £129 + VAT charge, and the earliest they could do it was 9th November (in 3 weeks time)...! Then after the line is connected it will be another week until they can activate the broadband Has anyone else experienced this wait and is there anything I can do about it? 4 weeks without broadband... how will I manage???
  8. I think there is a difference between "Taylors" and "Taylor & Emmet". They are different firms.
  9. Cyclone - http://www.restyleloft.co.uk/rooftype.html - "definitely impossible" is a bit strong isn't it?
  10. If someone can buy a brand new house for £95k, they are not likely to give you anything more than £85 for a second hand place on the same estate. No matter what the estate agent's valuation says.
  11. I was driving past the Virgin Active place on Broadfield Road the other day and there is a construction site opposite it. You can see the outlines of a few buildings already up and there is a sign board saying that there will be business units, retail units and health/fitness units (I can't remember the exact wording...) Does anyone know what is planned for this site? (See also http://sccplugins.sheffield.gov.uk/press/news/aRelease.asp?akey=1693&Mon=01/02/2004 )
  12. My wife wants to join a gym but only if she can get to a women's-only session. Do such things exist in Sheffield?
  13. Hi, I am looking for a second hand dining table and chairs. Can you recommend a reasonable place where I won't get ripped off, and where I can get something of reasonable quality? I was hoping to get something sorted this coming weekend. Thanks.
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