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  1. Anybody know if its still on today bearing in mind the weather.cant find any timetable or info on their website ???
  2. Ya talking garbage here and this is the sort of crap that get people into trouble. If the tenancy agreement state that the tenant is responsible for the garden area,then the tenant is responsible for everything in the garden.
  3. Yes, the 4 bedroomed looks more appealing to me,BUT, how long has that one been on the market ??? judging by the pictures it's been on at least 1 year,all the pics are from spring time !!
  4. nice house, but at £200k its in the wrong area, you can pick up a 3 bedroomed ex council in the same area for around £70-80k, blame the estate agents for over inflating the prices in the first place. they know what their doing:suspect: ---------- Post added 13-03-2015 at 15:50 ---------- The last house I purchased 6 months ago took 2 weeks of constant daily pestering by myself, before the estate agent decided to put my offer forward to the seller. It appeared that they didn't want to sell the property because the market value had dropped,the house had been listed for almost 2 years ,originally at £15k more than the asking price I'd seen it at, The seller agreed to sell as soon as they'd been given my offer. Estate agents take the ****:loopy:
  5. cheers, I thought the same Iv'e asked a few mechanics, non-wiser, it seems some would see it as a fail ,others an advisory as the light is to make you aware the pads will need changing shortly they could still be in perfect working order when tested:confused: ---------- Post added 29-01-2015 at 17:47 ---------- Fuel light tells you its low washer level light tells you it low both these will pas test if lit, but may get advisories
  6. MOT due but my brake pad warning light is constantly lit,and has been for a while,brakes/pads/fluid are all fine but cannot turn out the light. Its not the ABS/traction/hand brake control light that's lit-just the pad light Is this now an MOT failure??? I'm going on the basis that its a warning sign rather than an actual fault,same as if your low washer fluid light is lit but still works fine, and I guess its an advisory rather than a fail
  7. I dont cover Wincobank, but try the places you usually look for other services Yellow pages-google-yell .com-thompson Beats me why people have to ask where to look for a Window cleaner but not other tradesmen:huh:
  8. SYP are all about numbers, if they can deal with (or invent) a simple to solve crime,they'll concentrate on that to get a result and reduce the unsolved crime rate rather than deal with the bigger problems in an efficient manner. :suspect:
  9. tend to agree, with the state of the roads in and around Sheffield at the moment ,is it worth buying expensive (high) branded tyres ?? when they could be left useless within weeks. I put 4 brand new 17 inch continentals on my car the other year, special price of £125 each. My missus went out in the car,moved out of the way for an ambulance-hit a pot hole and trashed the walls on 2 of the tyres, that was £250 wasted. since then Iv'e always used budgets or 2nd hands,and the budgets(£55) seem to be as good as the conti's:suspect:
  10. these people have only themselves to blame,what got them there in the first place is being bone idle and ignorant. You might say they are contributing too society, jobs are created picking up the rubbish they discarded at the side of the bins and security guards having to look out for lost kids,people cleaning their dog crap up. Etc Etc:loopy:
  11. But the TV programme suggested that someone had been arrested and charged with the offences, which tallied upto 11-12 offences in one go.:suspect: Therefore it's giving a false representation of what the show is actually about. Am I also right in thinking that it took the police 15-20 mins to arrive at the scene,after the initial phone call we heard on TV was actually made. In which time the woman making the call was also dragged from the vehicle and beaten to a pulp while the offenders made off at ease. 2 major Police stations are situated no more than 5mins from the crime scene:suspect::huh:
  12. watched it last night, the bloke who lives with his parents scrounging off em needs a big kick up the arse, having said that, His parents need to stop treating him like a 15 year old too.:loopy: He's not gonna get a job and hold it down when he can live on easy street for free,. The 2 gob ****e lasses are beyond help,it'll be more kids and more benefits soon as laddo get's out.:loopy: Absolutly disgusting people:gag:
  13. Did the bloke they arrested on TV actually get found guilty of the attack HannahSpaner:confused:
  14. keep looking around if I were you I recently wanted a few tiles replaced, got told I needed a complete new roof by some!!!!!and several quotes upto £300 to replace the missing tiles. I found a bloke who replaced the 5 tiles for £30, it took him 15 mins at most, he did it while rained off on another job in the area Bargain
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