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  1. Can anyone recommend a kitchen fitter joiner S18 way ? Also don’t want to use Howdens due to lack of transparency. So I’ve been looking online at ridgid ready made units . Has anyone used DIY Kitchens.com ? They seem to get really Good reviews.
  2. Switch to collar just to see if there is a difference. Also check for compacted fur between the pads as my Lhasas use to do this as they got older.
  3. Frontline tends to make mine ill gives them upset stomach. I use a flee comb to check periodically. And only use frontline before going away with them. Just had to use it for the first time this year as they went to a hydrotherapy place and one dog came back with them �� I think if your dog goes to doggy day care or does a lot of association with other dogs it's probably wise to treat them regular . But if anyone can recommend a really good flee treatment I need to try something else that doesn't upset their stomachs.
  4. No he can't see the garden. But going to try moving bed and keep windows shut. It's certainly something more exciting than a cat with the way he's behaving. It's like he's after something in season but he's been done and it's only at night.
  5. No changes to his diet or routine. He's fine during day it just night . Wondered if it's fox or badgers he literally crying to get out there. It's cats central around we're we live and he's never done this before. Gardens fully enclosed so there's nothing in the garden. It's just unusual behaviour and he's driving me nuts with his crying. Could a fox in season have this affect ?
  6. I have a 5 year old lab who the last three weeks has took to whining and barking at night . He's not ill or desperate for the toilet. On the occasions I have took him out in the middle of the night he just wants to sniff around has a couple of wees but then I have to drag him back to the house because he just wants follow scent. Has anyone else had this ? I've tried the ignoring but he can keep it up all night and he barks if the whining has no effect. He's a highly dopamine driven dog. We've tried longer walks before bed but this seems to make him worse . He's neutered. I suspect he can smell something really good out at night and wants to follow it . Anyone experienced this ? Suggestions welcome .
  7. Most reputable walkers/boarders will bring proof of insurance and CRB check on first meeting with the owner ( plus first aid certificate if they have one). Plus ask for references .
  8. I've used a panda harness which is similar to the julius Harness ( but a fraction of the price) On my dogs. It didn't stop pulling but can be handy with the handle if going through crowds with an excitable young dog. But my female smaller dog can reverse out of it . Depends what you want it for . I have used it on a GSD who was a hand full for duel control with a double ended lead . They do look good on the GSD dogs and I've seen a lot of people use them .
  9. I've just changed from ardent grange due to my dogs being hyper . It's a great food but quite high protein. I've switched to skinners hypoallergenic and I've seen a great change . They are only half as crazy now. But coats and health wise they are great . But I also give them veg and fruit. I did try cooking for mine and raw but it didn't suit my choc lab. Plus if you do change food, do it gradually by introducing a little of the new food into their normal diet at a time . Otherwise you can give them the runs with sudden food change .
  10. Springers do have a reputation for eating all sorts and she is quite young still so it is pretty normal . But I have to say Bakers is a really bad dog food maybe you should look for a different brand as she is probably not getting the nutrients she needs .
  11. It's very common that dogs eat grass and even dogs in the wild have been seen doing it . Mine eat spring grass and rye grass . It's not something I encourage I pull them away if they are eating to much . But there are lots of theories as to why dogs do it and why sometimes it makes them sick . Some say there is nutrients in grass they need but too much makes them sick ( that's what one vet told me ) some say it helps get rid of access acid in the stomach by making them throw up . Who knows what makes dogs do it but if they eat too much it makes them sick . One of mine likes the odd piece of grass that grows on top of a wall near us he has reached up and had a piece ever since he was a pup . He's healthy very rarely sick he just seems to need it or enjoys it.
  12. Also don't make any fuss when you leave . And on returning try ignoring him for 5 mins ( I find this really hard ) but it seemed to work . We ended up getting our clingy pooch a companion which settled the problem (but obviously that's not for everyone) .
  13. Hi Dave , I've lived in all three parts of Dronfield. I'd say Dronfield woodhouse more family's live there . Coal aston more retired people live there. No real bad areas. Personally I preferred Dronfield Woodhouse to Coal Aston although I live in Central Dronfield now . Pubs and restaurants are good . Schools have a good reputation. Only downside is houses can be a bit more expensive than surrounding areas .
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