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  1. Looks like deadline for commenting has been extended. From the Loxley website GOOD NEWS: there's now more time to tell the city's planners what you think about the proposed Loxley valley township. You have until mid June. We know what we think! #NoLoxleyTownship Please see our website for more details of the extended deadline: https://friendsoftheloxleyvalley.com/…/deadline-for-loxley…/
  2. I rang 999, they were aware, they said Parkwood Road.
  3. Just to be clear - I'm a local resident and had seen this on Facebook - not connected with the housing company in any way but wanted to alert people! I'm conflicted about this - there is a need for affordable housing (but the current proposal is unclear about this) but concerned about flood risk and whether there will still be public access through that part of the valley.
  4. You may be interested in this consultation about new housing in Loxley Valley. https://newhomesinloxley.co.uk/ 'Before we submit a planning application to Sheffield City Council, we are asking the local community to have their say and help us shape our final proposals. Our public consultation runs from Wednesday 4 December and Wednesday 18 December 2019.
  5. There is an e-petition about this issue - https://www.change.org/p/sheffield-city-council-reinstate-ponderosa-back-into-grassed-area Sheffield City Council have just responded - see below. I am personally appalled that the park can ruined just by a one day event and that we are looking at least until next spring for it to sorted out due to time of year. I am tweeting about this with #Restore Ponderosa and I have emailed Mary Lea today asking if she can guarantee that this particular organisation will not be allowed to use the park again. (mary.lea@sheffield.gov.uk) 20 OCT 2019 — Note From Council After heavy rainfall during Bassfest at Ponderosa Park, some areas of the ground are in poor condition. Sheffield City Council and BassFest organisers Fire in the Park are carrying out work to restore the park as soon as possible. Councillor Mary Lea, Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure at Sheffield City Council said: “We are working with Fire in the Park to ensure that the park is restored as soon as possible. “We have started initial work on improving the safety of the site, but the full reinstatement cannot begin until the ground dries out. “We will continue to regularly assess the site and soon as it is possible, contractors will begin working on the park. Following this, Ponderosa will be re-seeded in the spring as planned. “Thank you again to everyone for your patience and bearing with us while we carry out this necessary work. “Please look out for further updates on our social media platforms.” Organisers of BassFest, Fire in the Park said: “We thoroughly appreciate your patience as we continue to work closely with Sheffield City Council to repair the damage caused to Ponderosa Park. “We would like to reiterate that we are fully committed to reinstating the ground, and are doing everything we can to make this happen as soon as possible. “Thank you again for your patience.” Only thing done is plastic fence round churned up area. Needs men on ground sorting paths. Share Tweet Email
  6. There is a fire in one of the buildings on the one way system at Malin Bridge. The road is blocked by several fire engines/emergency vehicles etc and consequently traffic is building up.
  7. You mention the Sykes family you are interested in - do you have any names of the Sykes? We had a Sykes family living in our house for 37 years in Hillsborough and I'm looking for their descendants? Would be amazing if they were the same people!!!
  8. Thank you so much for replying! Do you think they could be the same person? I've gone back and looked at my notes. William Sykes (Beatrice's Dad) moved to our house in Hillsborough in 1937. The earliest record I have of Beatrice is 1945 (I don't have complete records). She was Beatrice M Sykes. By 1951 she has left the family house. By 1961 it looks like Beatrice's brother (Albert Sykes) was the head of the house. Does this give you enough information to check on your side? Fingers crossed it is the same person!! Best wishes Deborah
  9. Hi all Members of the Sykes family lived in my house from 1937 to 1970 and I would love to trace their descendants and get in touch with them. I am in Hillsborough and the family were William and Jane Sykes with children called Florence, William jnr, Beatrice, Jessie and Albert. If any of these names sound familiar please let me know! Any help much appreciated.
  10. It was at the Malin Bridge end (near the one way system) - traffic was backed up the hill to Walkley Bank Road.
  11. Don't know anything - my school daughter said there were about 15 police cars, big guns, cars screeching to get there etc. I have just gone past and just saw one car. Scary stuff....
  12. It's been there at least a week - every time I walk past there seems to be an extra parking notice added to the windscreen......
  13. I cycle this stretch of road regularly - as do many others.... so so sad.
  14. Okay, I have started reporting graffiti - two yellow grit boxes and the local phone box near me. Having walked down to Hillsborough a couple of days ago it's made me really aware of how bad it's got - so many shops in Hillsborough have been sprayed with graffiti.
  15. Maybe I'm just getting old - or maybe because I just seem to have noticed having moved to a new area but there is graffiti all over.....
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