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  1. Course not! Got a bottle in from Morrison's at Halfway 4 months ago! Thought i'd achieved a bit of Yorkshire Cred!
  2. I haven't posted on here for over 7 years. Ex-Eckington, now live in the Scottish highlands. Was in Fort William Home Bargains today. Henderson's Relish on the shelves? What happenned? Used to be only available in Sheffield and the Yorkshire Shop in Whitby!
  3. I have no sympathy. Carroll had absolutely no physical reason to swing his arm around with the force he did other than to attempt to hit his opponent. Heat of the moment madness, and should be excused as such, but the ban is still justified.
  4. All they are telling you is that they will be able to find a copy of your receipt on their system, and that they'll do it when you take it in for an exchange. What's the problem with that? They look at the dozens they'll have logged for that item, and find yours by asking questions like "what day of the week might you have bought it", "was it card or cash" etc. If you've lost your receipt, then you can hardly jump on them for keeping you waiting a few minutes while they sort it for you. As for trust, that has nothing to do with it. They will need some date-of-purchase details in order to get credit from the manufacturer when they return it themselves.
  5. I've just read Ranulph Fiennes book "Cold". He describes frozen tears as the most painful thing he has ever experienced - and this from a man who sawed his own fingers off one by one with a hacksaw. If you are interested in living in extreme cold, it's a great read. Just beware - one anecdote he reveais is of a 70s polar expedition where a team member scratched an eyeball with a rock splinter. It became infected, so his colleagues had to remove his eyeball inside a tent, using a penknife - whilst receiving directions from an eye-surgeon via-radio from Sweden. Ouch!
  6. Will be watching this weekends event at Wembley, the first time we've staged two NFL games here in the same season. I look forward the the day when the UK get's a permanent franchise - the Bills or the Jaguars I reckon -both struggling for support in their respective cities.
  7. Peter Herbert, of the "Society for Black Lawyers" (in 2013, I ask you...) has been on talksport spouting his vile inflammatory rubbish. John Barnes, a man who knows far more about racism than most, has joined the calls for him to keep his obnoxious opinions to himself. Interestingly, if you search for Peter Herbert online, you'll find an expensive, self-congratulatory website promoting his "experience" and not much else. However, if you search for "Society for Black Lawyers, you might find a facebook page if your lucky. A cynical person would suggest that he is a one man band. Wonder if he knows Katie Hopkins?
  8. The biggest challenge to moving the tournament is not going to come from the clubs, but from the media. 20th Century Fox have just signed the biggest ever TV deal for a World Cup in the whole American continent. They supply the US, Canada and Australia, three huge FIFA target markets. They are reportedly seeking a re-negotiation on the deal, as they were not expecting to have to compete with the Superbowl and the Winter Olympics in 2022.
  9. No it's not racist. It's a joke based on historical fact that NASA sent a monkey into space. Nothing to do with race, but to do with an animal. In fact, the idea that a newspaper can link it to black footballers is where the real racism is. As usual, it is of a case of the back pages celebrating success, and the celeb-writers on the front pages making nasty, cynical, and downright miserable attempts to ruin England's moment. Seeing that it clearly wasn't racism, i'm sure the newspaper headline was closely looked at by the lawyer's before being approved for publication.
  10. MOTD is still far, far better that the ITV Des Lynam-version that ran for a mercifully short time when they held the rights. The BBC have the rights now as part of an agreement with Sky. Sky have long realised that MOTD is the best advert for their coverage around. Here is the classic Brian Clough interview when he slates MOTD's coverage. John Motson never came off best in a heated debate, as he found with Sir Alex years later.
  11. In the early days of MOTD (60s-80s) they would cover only 2-3 games each week. These were the days before outside-broadcast trucks and satellite uplinks, and the footage would be recorded onto video tape on site, and the sent via motorcycle courier to the BBC during the mid-evening after the game. (This is the reason why QPR featured a lot on MOTD.) At the BBC, the video editors wouldn't have time to make detailed edits and cuts. What they would do is follow handwritten notes from the film crews on site as to which bits of tape contained the goals, fouls, free kicks etc, usually comprising large chunks of action before a cut. In other words, they didn't show the highlights, they just removed the sections of film containing nothing vital to the game. The BBC began to overdue the clever editing in the 90s, when they had the luxury of being able to edit the footage as it was being filmed due to digital editing techniques. The worst examples of this was their tendency to re-record commentary, leading to howlers like "Here comes Le Tissier, it's his kind of chance...AND IT'S HIS KIND OF GOAL!". Not only could this tampering sound false, it could also rewrite history, tailoring it's coverage to current events. For example, when West Brom lost to Woking in the FA Cup in 1991, they decided to overdub the crowd chanting "We Want Talbot Out!" throughout the game when it was shown on MOTD. Unfortunately, they overdubbed over the entire match, including when West Brom were actually in the lead! Talbot was sacked the next day.
  12. I don't mind the Europa League, but it shouldn't have the Champions League rejects join it halfway through. A fan should be able to look at the competition and identify the teams to beat. As it is, you think you're in with a chance, and then Chelsea or Man Utd get dumped on you in February.
  13. mel you could start a thread about how many there have been. You could call in The Thread about Threads about Threads. sparko - it is a superb time capsule of a film. Any kid that was born after 1991 should be shown it, if only to give them an idea of why people are so terrified of nuclear weapons. Kids are totally desensitized to it through computer games and the idea that wars are always going to be fought with nice cute machine guns, and not ICBMs
  14. An ex-work colleague of mine did a lengthy prison sentence for causing death by dangerous driving after crashing into a stationary vehicle on the M62, back in the days when it wasn't illegal to use a phone whilst driving. Quite simply, had he not been on his phone, the accident wouldn't have happened.
  15. Video from last nights League Cup pitch invasion at Preston. The incident happens in the goalmouth about 57secs into the clip. Nobody seems to be asking this, but does the Preston fan deliberately push the steward into the horse's path? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23583193
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