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  1. It doesn't look like it bodes well for the local shops,our best example of this prob being yesterday afternoon where we sold £300.00 online and £15.00 in the shop!Ironically i will be doing all my shopping online this year because of having the shop and can't get out! <REMOVED>
  2. How many sheffielders will be or have been doing their christmas shopping online this year? Or are you the king of person that likes to see before you buy? I have just opened a small shop in a localish area and internet sales are far surpassing shop sales which got me thinking about the future of local businesses. So if the options were a full day at meadowhell to xmas shop or online and pay postage costs which would you do????? <REMOVED>
  3. We have done the christmas market before and it is now over priced with very few quality stalls.boo. <REMOVED>
  4. Ikea hon,some of the cheap stuff you kind of get what you pay for admittedly however i bought 2 kids wardrobes from there last year and they are amazing.Proper wood no mdf,clear instructions(i made them up myself) and after a year they are still perfect! Even better they were only £150.00 each! If you are looking for any cot bedding take a look at the cot quilts at: www.loobylous.co.uk
  5. There will be a christmas gift and craft fair tomorrow(9th dec) on Totley rise,baslow road between 11am-3.00pm. I haven't done this event before so i'm sorry i can't give much info about it other than that and the fact that their summer one was very popular but click the link for the totley telegraphs blurb on it.LoobyLou's will be there freezing our bits off and trying to remember what warmth is! www.loobylous.co.uk
  6. Anyone posting things this christmas and wants to make sure the little one's get it in time the post office is saying 18th dec to guarantee delivery.Though from experience the earlier you post the better,my shop will be listing it's last date 15th dec as royal mail are always rammed! www.loobylous.co.uk
  7. The best hill for sledging has always been "jacobs ladder" in the mayfield valley.Ithink the name says it all really,it's steep.
  8. If it has only just opened you can prob expect teething problems for quite a while esp speed of service.All the staff are prob new and still learning the ropes.I could be wrong but i think the guy that owns or runs it used to have the coffee shop near me and it used to be packed all the time but since he's gone it's dead as a dodo so he prob knows what he's doing.
  9. Must admit i still don't trust the crosspool tavern after the whole health inspection thing.For a cheap and cheerful carvery the moorlands at owlerbar does what it says on the tin,for an expensive but yummy one it has to be the hearty oak at dronfield woodhouse.
  10. I agree not superdooper but the kid's portions are huge and they love the colouring packs and balloons so i succumb to going occasionally.Best burger place ever still has to be yankee's though on eccy road.Same decor for like 20yrs so people must visit for th food!!!!
  11. Hi i was hoping for a bit of feedback on my new website from parent's who are used to shopping for baby/children's clothing and toys online.I opened LoobyLou's in Totley this september but since then have built my own website to go with it.If anyone has time to take a quick glance i was wanting opinions on: how fast it loads how easy it is to navigate if the search bar is effective and if the descriptions are too personal and should be more matter of fact? If anyone gets time then thankyou in advance!lucy loobylous.co.uk
  12. Hi i have just opened a new babywear shop in sheffield.I have only been open a week and it would be great to get more people aware of us.My shop is at: LoobyLou's 170 baslow road totley sheffield s17 4dr
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