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  1. I was on the last 75 bus tonight from city centre to Batemoor. We arrived at jordanthorpe shopsto be told by the driver that it is the last stop. Myself and another passenger informed the driver that he had a duty todo the Batemoor loop and drop us where the bus drops us night in night out. He called the depot for clarification of this and was told he had to do the loop. He then became very threatening towards me and at this point i saw red and told him i woud be posting on here to which he threatened me with the police. I mentioned to him how lovely stagecoach drivers are in comparison to first and he replied with._._._._i used to drive for them._..I replied with it aint any wonder You're with first then. He thoroughly shook me up and i will be callingolive grove first thing. In the meantime It's stagecoach all the way.
  2. so varsity is set to become a lola lo bar from next year. I used to love varsity for a dirty meal and a few cheap beers. Lets hope that once Lola opens it enjoys great success!
  3. I couldn't agree more...I am sure the 1 person pc brigade that is spikemac will have the sandwich spread out for the poor people.
  4. I totally applaud your actions and I would have done the same but do you really need to come on here and publicize the fact? I helped an elderly lady who had fallen the other day but didn't feel the need to tell the Sheffield forum community all about it. Good deeds should be second nature to all of us.
  5. so the victims of bedroom tax don't warrant such hospitality? I am not afraid of foreigners either or I wouldn't live in this country. The fact remains we are full and need to look after our own. I don't wish to waste my time on you anymore tonight as I have a full days work to do tomorrow so this ridiculous government can take a bit more of my wage off me for your mates. It's been lovely hearing your views on things and I hope it has been equally as lovely for you...thumbs up to free speach
  6. that was a turn of phrase..I am not going to rise to your taunts...you could possibly house 1 or 2 of the syrians in your home...as for me i'll focus on the poor people in this city who need our help just as much.
  7. Let's inform Sheffield City council and get it rented out to someone who is already in dire need of housing in this city then! Maybe some poor individual who is struggling to pay the bedroom tax!!!!
  8. I'm not afraid of anything. I'm simply saying enough is enough and we need to protect our identity as do most other nations.
  9. It's not a question of being educated in one's answers. It is merely a fact that this once great city has no room for "extras" We cannot accomodate our own so how on god's earth any additions will help to sort this problem beggars belief. The other countries you mention are welcome to house them as over the years we as a nation have taken WAY MORE than our fair share. If you dispute this fact then take a stroll around the once lovely burngreave, pitsmoor, fir vale, page hall, firth park, tinsley and darnall areas to name but a few. Let's look after our own for a change and before I'm dubbed as racist I mean all British born folk wether white, black or purple with blue spots!
  10. Sheffield has accommodated more than enough...10 now, 10 tomorrow...when does it end? The face of this country has changed beyond recognition and it is now time to say enough is enough once and for all! That includes do gooding Sheffield I'm afraid.
  11. It is not the responsibility of the driver to provide a real time update of all services in operation or in some instances not in operation. First have a telephone number for this or there is always travel south yorkshire. For goodness sake let the drivers do what they are there to do which is drive the buses and any grievances/complaints etc then direct them appropriately. You wouldn't get bad service from Debenhams in Newcastle and then storm into the sheffield branch and ask why it happened...
  12. I think there has to be at least a hand full of sensible Sheffielders who will be on the side of the drivers....without you guys we would be screwed! As for the moaning brigade will you pick on another sector or hush up....simples!
  13. I persume the driver (maybe a she?) was following the rules that he/she thought were correct at the time. If an inspector was to board the bus and found he/she had not checked the fare properly then they would be in trouble. The confusion doesn't just occur with vulnerable travelers...there was an equal amount of confusion a few months ago on the validity of first south yorks tickets and vice versa on stagecoach 120 and 52 services!
  14. Why are so many people hell bent on insulting bus drivers. One of the posts on this thread which doesn't even warrant a "quote" seems to imply that bus drivers should be doing something useful like curing cancer. I find silly comments like this insulting to anybody with a disability. I have narcolepsy and therefore have to rely on the buses as I am not allowed to drive so for me and thousands of other people they are more than useful wether disabled or not! The bus drivers of Sheffield provide us all with a fantastic service and yes they get things wrong from time to time but don't we all? We are all human after all!
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