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  1. Had a Pork Sandwich from Kemps at Swallownest some time ago and was told that they did not do crackling because of health and safety reasons. What a load of rubbish.
  2. Got a pirate tape of Quinceharmon at Smithywood WMC
  3. There is a Shefflex car in the museum at Doncaster.
  4. Saw Pete after he left Wolves/Quinceharmon/New Jersey Turnpike. Followed them all over Sheffield WMC. Deeply saddened that they did not make it bigger because they were good.
  5. Nothing like unbias reporting in the Star . Quote .If Bramall lane is selected Sheffield United will not be able to play there Premier League matches for 4 weeks at home. They will have to play the home games at Hillsborough. 1) will they ever get in to the Premiership by then. 2)Would United or there fans want to play at Hillsborough. 3) Would Wednesday or there fans want them to play there. Printed in the Star on 25th October.
  6. You can explain a great deal more with a home visit
  7. Worked as a DJ at Silver Blades. Went for an Audition with Stringy at Down Broadway was impressed as him as a DJ but security was shambolic. Fighting broke out in the toilets then moves to the dance floor and the mirrors at the back were covered in blood. They were then ejected to which the club emptied so they could get a better view from the upper decks of the buses parked in the High Street. Did not get the job wasn't interested.
  8. I am disabled and live at Aston it would not be the first time to see people hang dog mess in plastic bags from the A frame gates.
  9. How can a charity get designated please and is it too late?
  10. No but this time of year about 6.15am hear the geese flying over Swallownest I assume from Rother Valley possibly to Ully CP
  11. we had a lovley lady deliver our milk in the 50's called Mrs Marsden on Cross Addy Street S6
  12. Would Help but then you would be left on the line while they go and get an answer?
  13. Does anyone else have problems with the council demand contact should be by computer. Also you cannot talk on the phone direct. As a disabled person and a carer I have this problem with Rotherham Council. This time with Trading standards does my head in. Is it the same in Sheffield?
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