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  1. Thank you so much for the information. The web site really helps..!! Actually I went to one of them today, and really feel refresh being outside again. ^^ Cheers
  2. Hello everyone. I moved to Chapeltown about a few months ago and have got a beautiful daughter aged 21mths. I'm looking for play groups around my house but I can't really find the list of groups in Chapeltown. Could anyone help me to find the list of toddler groups on the web site or any suggestions? Cheers
  3. Thank you for your message. How much do you normally charge for an hour? Does it enclude bedding as well? What kind of cleaning service do you do?
  4. Hello All I'm looking for a domestic cleaning company or cleaner in Chapeltown. I have 5 bedrooms terraced house and only moved in about a month ago. Basically, I want all the house to be cleaned including ironing etc.. They will need to clean whole house at first and I'd like them to come to the house once or twice for cleaning and ironing... Could you please recommend any company and have a price as well?
  5. Hi all I'm moving to Chapeltown soon and I have got a daughter aged at 16mths. As I am a foreigner, I'm not really sure about education system in UK. Is infant school for babies like my daughter? What age can I send my baby to school?
  6. Hi everyone..I'm just wondering approximately how much it would cost for wooden floor fitting service..if the room is 5.64M X 4.70? It would be laminate floor..
  7. Good Good Good...!!! We drove around Dronfield last weekend..and it was really local but seemd very nice..I now know why people love Dronfield..!! ^^
  8. A year?? Wow..my husband and I can't wait that long as our house which we are renting at the moment is really bad condition..We have to move ASAP. Fortunately, I found a really nice one on Fair View Road..I think we are gonna love it if we happen to live there..~~ Enjoy your life in Dronfield..
  9. Your comment makes me feel much better~ I went to look around there..and it was just nice except it's too hilly but I guess most part of Sheffield and peak district is just like that..! I found really nice house on Fair View Road and really loved it..Hopefully we can live there very soon...
  10. Thanks for your opinion..I think Dronfield is a bit far from Sheffield but nice area..
  11. Thank you so much for your opinion..Now I fall in love with Dronfield..Yeah~
  12. Yeah. I was searching houses around S6, S8 I couldn't find one I liked..!! I really hope that I can find really nice one this time..
  13. Thank you for your answer...That makes me feel much better..^^;; I'm going to look for those houses this Saturday..Hopefully I like the area and people..
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