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  1. It's a friends dog that has gone missing she has contacted everyone but nothing yet
  2. White and tan Akita with a black nose went missing around 2:00pm this afternoon in the woodthorpe area of Sheffield. If anyone has seen her or knows if anyone has taken her in please let me know.
  3. again on the trail of adopted cousin, she was born 1st January 1953 in Sheffield. Put my name on the contact register but she hasn't. Sheffield social services advise me they do not run a service to help, so have to go via Norcap etc but the costs are too high starting figure is around £600+ with no guarantee at the end. How can you find out which adoption agency they were put with, has anyone tried to do this on their own and what responses did you have?
  4. It is possible that the year I am looking at maybe 1953 and my aunt was not in a home as first told found an entry in births for the correct surname but the christian name is the same as my aunts so not sure if this was also the childs before it was put for adoption, which totally broke her heart but did not have any other option.
  5. the original Chelsea Girl was at the top of King Street across from the back of C & A before it moved
  6. George and Ivy at the Butchers Arms Marsh Lane, many a good lock in
  7. what about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, little and large, love affair was on at the top rank before they made it "big" and played at the Fiesta.
  8. Have faith in the kids they are not all out to take drugs and have underaged sex. My daughter used to go to WOW (crisp and pop nights) and they were all searched before they went in even packets of gum was taken from them until they left in case they contained drugs
  9. went to veolia a couple of weeks ago and asked when we would be getting a green bin, to be told that they had run out of money as the ones that had been provided was via grant from the government so no-one else was getting any at present. what about the people that do not have transport to get to the recycling centres. Also why do Rotherham have glass and tin collections and Sheffield have only paper or the lucky ones that have green as well
  10. bought one 12 years ago from DFS and that was still as good when we got rid of it as the day we bought it, bought a leather one 18 months ago from them, total garbage would never go back to them
  11. Nutcase at Handsworth do this costs around £25.00 if you have long hair as it takes around one and a half hours
  12. was it Lilley & Skinner, cheslea girl was on king street back of C & A
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