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  1. Talking about how things were, what happened to Whitsuntide? Showing off our new clothes, parading up and down the street getting pennies from the neighbours, then the walk and Whit sing in the park. Only time of the year to get new clothes. Had to last as "best" til next year.
  2. Yes, I remember Nicholsons chemist at the bottom of Yew Lane, and also between the Police station an the opposite corner to the chemist, was an old farm building, where the flats are now.
  3. Yes, it was Conway Cutts! And yea, it was the Sortsman with the offy round the back. Do you remember a little further up High Street, on the right opposite Rawlins infant school, was an old stable/ garage set back off the road, with a car steering wheel mounted above the door. The little things we remember:roll:
  4. Dominic Wragg and "Stagger" Lee both lived on Rokeby Drive, where I lived. Dom had 2 sisters, Philomena and Stellamaris, he also had a younger brother whose name escapes me. There was a pub on the other side of the Greyhound further up toward Sycamore Road. We used to buy iced dandelion and burdock lollies from that pub. Again, it's name escapes me. Directly opposite The Greyhound was a small but busy fruit and veg shop. Does anyone remember the old bicycle shop on the right hand corner of Sycamore Road. Was it Camms? (on the opposite corner from Cramptons).
  5. Very sorry to hear Pete passed over. As said, he was a good man and an excellent goalkeeper. Played alongside Pete during our YMCA footballing days. I think he also did some voluntary football training or was at least involved in amateur football after his playing days. Very much an early loss.
  6. Did you go to America? I seem to recall you had. Mac went to Switzerland but don't know about any of the others, do you?
  7. Hi Righrmonkey, did you go to the reunion in 1977? I can't remember where it was held,but most of the old crowd were there.
  8. Then you are B. I recall Pam being teacake, but heigh Ho,. My sis was also Pam, does that give you a clue?
  9. Hi Rightmonkey, There were 2 "P's" in our group. You are one and my sister was the other. If I have got you right, you have a younger sister and an even younger brother and lived near the NGH. Who then am I? Pm me.
  10. A very late post I know, but my mother Dot Stacey and my aunt Kate Whitehead worked alongside Edith Grice in the 60s at Wadsley Bridge. Anyone remembers them?
  11. Yes, I know Wilf is no longer with us. I joined the Sheffield and Rotherham Police in 1970. I think Wilfs son also joined the job, but I didn't know him personally. Were you on the "job"?
  12. I recall getting my uniform from the stores dept in Castle Green. The tailor was Wilf Weston, and my uniform was far too big. Wilf said "Don't worry lad, it'll fit when you get back from training. Another lad I joined with was a big fellow whose uniform was too tight. Wilf gave him the same advice. He was right, I put on a stone and a half, my uniform then fitted me, my colleague lost loads of weight and his uniform also fit. Wilf knew his stuff.
  13. I'm Cliff Stacey from the Drive and was at school with Michael. I remember Ralph Hill and loads more names. I have to be up early tomorrow so will close now and will give you some more names after Easter. Give my regards to Dennis.
  14. Yes, I remember the Abdy bros, lived on the "crown" of Rokeby Road. Up the gennel from Rokeby Drive and their house was 2nd or 3rd down on the right. Did you live up that way greatorex?
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