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  1. aww well, you are not the only guy on here who likes to take a fag occasionally.
  2. Mine is 2 years in February. It took me only a week of non smoking however to realise that I will never smoke again.
  3. The only difficult bit about stopping smoking is making your mind up to do it. Once you have dismissed smoking as an option (making your mind up), it becomes easy.
  4. Tell him that he must get a new roof. They are quite important in keeping the rain out.
  5. I smoked 20+ per day for over 30 years. I started smoking because my mates did (peer group pressure) I smoked for more than 30 years because I was addicted and kidded myself that I enjoyed it. I know now that I was mistaking feeding my addiction for pleasure. I stopped smoking because I had had enough of being controlled by a little white stick. FREE AT LAST!
  6. They might just be cooking the books.
  7. Even in the eyes of the law speeding is not a criminal offence.
  8. Speeding cameras make people break the law. They are responsible for inciting lawbreaking.
  9. You are not a criminal. Anyone who is not a criminal is in my book a law abiding citizen.
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