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  1. Hello I am writing to ask if anyone on here recgnosied my nature father Saleh Abdul Mohamed? I have been looking for him all my life, only found his name recently from my half brother, he found a piece of paper in his nature late Dad Harry Crosslands loft. My late nature mother Patricia Crossland had an affair with my dad Saleh in Sheffield or Bradford. I am 53 years old. He would be about 76. I hope he is still alive! Please let me know if you know him. I would love to meet him or his siblings. I have been fostered since I was 11 months old baby. Please message me if you know him. I d be forver grateful. Thank you. Janice.
  2. Anyone knows of late Patricia ( Pat ) Crossland? she was from Sheffield area. Her nee name was Swift/Bray. She has me ( Janice ), Alema Crossland and Harry Crossland. I have never see Alema, I would love to meet Alema, she was born as Alema Crossland in 1962/3. I have tried everything on Alema but never been successful for about 10 years now :-( Please contact me on minkyxxx@hotmail.com Thank you. Kind Regards Janice Crossland-Jones
  3. Late Patricia Swift was adopted by Mr and Mrs Swift in Sheffield area, she was born as Patricia Bray in 1942... I think she has lived at Hunsley St around 1963/4 ? PLease let me know if you know her. I look forward to hearing from you.. Jan
  4. Please let me know if you know of Alema ( she was born as Alema Crossland) I am not sure what is her surname now? She is about 44 years old. I look forward to hearing some news from you. Many thanks :-)))) Janice
  5. I think Elizabeth B, Janet H, Dorren B were single then,,, sure they have changed thier surname now any one know them? pls let me know. Many thanks Jan
  6. In 1962-63 an Elizabeth Bingham In 1963-65 Janet Haighand Doreen Bogg Do you know any of them they use lived at 41 Hunsley St around 1963/4 I am trying to trace my late mother Patricia Crossland's siblings.. she use lived with them... She has a daughter called Alema she is my real sister unfo I have never met her.. I think she is about 44 years old now? Do you know her? Please let me know thank you x Regards Janice Crossland
  7. wow that s good news does she still live there can you ask her if she knows someone called Patricia Crossland I think they used live together in the 1960s at hunsley st? Please let me know many thanks I am trying to traced my late mother Patricia Crossland's ex partner which is my father I dont know his name im hoping to get the name from Betty :-) Thank you Janice
  8. Hi friends :-) Does anyone knows of ALema or Patricia Crossland? Let me know please JC
  9. Ok :-) Can you see any names who lived at 41 Hunsley St? someone gave me 2 names but I am not really sure about it..can u let me have the names if you know. many thanks
  10. Please let me know if you know of anyone called Leonard Bugg, Elizabeth Bingham? thank you :-) Jan
  11. Hi Please let me know if you know any of them they lived on Hunsley St around 1963/4.? Many thanks J :-)
  12. Please let me know if you know Alema Ghalib..she is about 44 years old, her dad's name is Ali. Thank you :-) J
  13. Hello Can you please help us to find out who has lived at that address early 60's ? K J :-)
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