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  1. Go to By infinity was getting a measly 3 mb with sky now am looking foward to 66 mb of pure speed.
  2. Yep another vote for skydrive over here
  3. Most of the tweaks that were required from a jailbreak have been implemented in ios7 which is nice to see.
  4. People don't like change why cant Microsoft understand that?
  5. When are they going to bring back a proper start menu?
  6. It might have been saved on the internal sd card as that what happens when you take burst shots on the S3.
  7. The only way you can check whether its real or not is chuck a load of stuff on it equivalent to the capacity size.
  8. This question is like asking how long is a piece of string?
  9. You have to be the original owner of the phone or else they wont unlock.
  10. Where can you download pwntunes is it from Cydia?
  11. Clear cookies and then sign in again and make sure you click on the 'Remember Me' box.
  12. I'm on Windows 7 premium if I upgrade to 8 will i lose all my stuff like music pics etc?
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