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  1. Property Offered: 2nd floor flat (top). Area: Woodhouse Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) 2 Storey 2nd floor flat. Number of Bedrooms: 1 1/2 Landlord: (Council / HA) Sheffield council Any other information: Decorated throughout lovely spacious flat lots of storage space. Quiet area lovely neighbours. 5 minute walk to woodhouse villlage. Bus stops locally to take you to town or crystal peaks. Electric throughout which means flat is cheap to run £10 will last around a fortnight. District heating which means no big heating bill. Only reason for move is that we need an extra bedroom. Property Wanted: House Area: Hackenthorpe, Handsworth, Woodhouse, Stradbroke will consider other areas. Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) House Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: (Council / HA) Sheffield council. Any other information: viewings welcome. Flat would be perfect for an older couple wanting to downsize or because of extra bedroom tax. Anymore information please email me. Thankyou. :-)
  2. Did you work with somebody or know somebody called Robert Cooper!
  3. Ooops on second thoughts forget the wiskey! Hes jus dropped it on the floor hahaha. He says hes very upset having to pay for the staff christmas do so any donations are very much welcomed :-D
  4. Hahaha no its Terri! Your quite right bob wouldnt say peepz BUT hes here and he says got the wiskey on ice and the mince pies on the ready so get yourselfs down!!
  5. Hey peepz I had to do a post to be able to sell stuff so i just thought id see just how popular we are! :-)
  6. I havent had any children myself but all my friends have and theyve all told me how horrific giving birth is! But once its over you forget all about it and each and every one would do it all again narurally. My mum had a really labour my brother come out and he wasnt breathing. I suppose everyone is different. I believ if theyrr willing to pay for it then fair enough BUT all these horror stories really dont help!!
  7. Hiya welcome back! Where abouts are you stayin in sheffield
  8. Whats it like in australia id love to go there!
  9. Anybody on here that lives near woodhouse
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