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  1. it is illegal to fit second-hand cookers. NO ITS NOT !!!!!!!!!!
  2. i will collect it free of charge
  3. To Jeffrey Shaw, or other readers who have the facts: Jeffrey, in early April this year you said the amended Right To Buy rules were not yet in force. Am I right in thinking they are now in force? (ie after 5 years' tenancy, 35% discount for a house and 50% discount for a flat). Also, does anyone know whether one's number of public housing tenancy years can cross county boundaries? eg.would 5 years as a tenant in Derbyshire, 10 years tenancy in Berkshire and 1 year's tenancy in Sheffield amount to 16 years on a Right To Buy application on the house in Sheffield? the amount of discount can cross borders , as you say , i had 10 years discount from 3 different councils when i used my right to buy , also it does not need to be consecutive years you can have a break between tennancies , what matters is your total years as a council tennant
  4. WHY ??????? if you ever had a hair stuck between your teeth you know why .........lol
  5. Date of first registration............when car was first registerd new v5 issue date................................date v5 was issued to current owner
  6. try leaving a de-humidifier in car overnight ith doors shut to soak moisture , might cure problem , you can hire them if you dont have one
  7. more than likely loose connection and or corroded battery terminals or a faulty ignition switch
  8. doing , just enough , to get buy is the reason this country in the mess it is now , if people worked hard to the best of their abilities this country would be in a much better way than it is now . have you ever seen the eastern european attitude to work in practice , these people work their backsides of in any menial low paid job , you try getting the same thing from most of the SO CALLED workforce in this country
  9. no not at all but it depends on the man , and what he wants in life , personally no it would not put me off
  10. get your facts right mate , he is not in prison and never has been , i know him personally
  11. another recomendation here for sheffield kitchen outlet , ask for stuart , great firm
  12. yes still got discoloured water parson cross
  13. another reccomendation for D.A.R.T they will sort you out good lads and reliable
  14. no claims bonus cant be used on two cars at once , some insurance companies will mirror your no claims onto a second vehicle but not all , best to shop around
  15. they are very good , clean efficient and fast , but why buy new i can suply and fit you one with a 6 month g/tee for ?125
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