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  1. Thomas Cook travel shops belong to Hays Travel,nothing to do with Shearings.
  2. martial-arts-supplies.co.uk but author is listed as Phil Milner,no mention of Josh Johnson,£12.
  3. I thought we were talking about pubs serving drinks while in lockdown.
  4. Does anyone remember Mcvities Cadburys cakes based at Gunstones in Dronfield?
  5. Does anyone remember,or worked at Gees?.
  6. How will you cope with being isolated for up to 16 weeks?
  7. New cross walk is still there,bottom of Stradbroke Road on left hand side where New Cross Way and New Cross Drive are,if you are looking on google maps it's not named because it is what it says,just a path not a road
  8. Got to be true if it was in the Sun!!!
  9. I worked with a man called Hubert Harrison who lived on Arnold avenue on Charnock and his wife was called Dorothy. If they are still alive they would be in there early 90s now.
  10. The address given on the website is a block of flats in wembley,the writing on the information page is clearly written by someone who is not fluent in english,and the website is clearly american,with the use of the word faucet instead of tap.I would be very careful giving any money to this company.
  11. I lived there for 20 years untill recently and cannot remember low flying planes ever being a problem.
  12. Brilliant,people posting comments without having seen program and not even knowing which channel it is on!!
  13. Glen Dale,real name Richard Garforth died on the 13th of January aged79. He lived for most of his life in Eckington and died in Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield.
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