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  1. I remember John Stubbs bit of a lad in his time.
  2. Looking for anyone who worked at Gees on Shoreham Street.
  3. I remember Heartbeat club and bowling ally,mid 60s we would go to Grapes at Dalton 6 pints then drive back to Queens Road and a few games of bowls.A few years later going to Heartbeat with girlfriend now wife.
  4. I remember my mum taking me to Castle House to see Father Christmas,must have been mid 50s.I also remember taking our daughters which would have been late 70s.Father Chrismas did't look 20 years older on second visit!
  5. Gees were on Sycamore street untill 1960 when they then moved to Shoreham Street.
  6. Anyone remember Gees decorators merchants on Shoreham Street?
  7. I went in the cafe every morning in early 70s.
  8. We have lived in North Anston for past 15 years,it is well served for shops pubs and open spaces,anston stones woods is very nice,good schools in area and parks.Like most places some parts are better than others but you would be able to see that for yourself when looking for a house,we have not had any problems in the time we have been here.
  9. You need to put more information,his name where he lived who he worked for then you will maybe get some replies.
  10. May 30th 1991 opening night Paul Simon,we were there but on top row at very back,he was a small dot in the distance!!
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