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  1. The minimum premium bond holding is £25.
  2. I can remember the one on corner of Stanhope Road and also when i was at Gleadless school,i left in 59,there was a small shop opposite the bottom of Croft Road .
  3. My wife has a scooter which she has had for the past 8 years and it is insured and has third party cover,she would much prefer not to have a scooter and be able to walk on her own but that is no longer possible.We see lots of people on scooters who make silly decisions and put themselves and other people in danger but like some older car drivers they do not want to give up there independence and freedom to go out. Untill the law changes and older car drivers are required to have there driving abillity checked and scooter riders have to have a test then nothing will change.I am an older driver by the way 73 but like everyone else think that i am ok.
  4. Only a mobility scooter which is class 3 and can do 8 mph can be used on roads,anything smaller can only be on pavement.You do not need road tax or insurance for a mobility scooter.
  5. Try looking in Dronfield,south west of Sheffield it has all the things you are looking for.We did it other way round many years ago and lived in Cleeve west of Bristol,but back in Yorkshire now.
  6. Didn't work there but it was one of my customers when i was a sales rep for Mcvities cakes in early 70s.
  7. It's no more difficult than fitting a plug,3 wires connect to fitting in wall,turn electric off pull cooker out ,disconnect wires,move cooker,put new cooker in place,connect wires all done.
  8. Very good,Wayside has been there for many years,i can remember going in 1976.
  9. Yes they would survive,we lived in Bradway for 20 years and had a pond and always went to Wayside at Oldcotes.
  10. Nigel. If you are on facebook go to Gleadless townend and Charnock page where you will find lots of ex pupils and also photos.
  11. i have been unsubscribeing for a long time and never had a problem.
  12. If you are using Yahoo open the email and on the bar above where you have option to move or deleet etc,you will see 3 little dots,click on these and it will give you other options,one of which is block sender,click on this and you won't receive any more.Another option is on most messages at the very bottom is an unsubscribe option click on this and it will also stop any more messages.
  13. A program that is still on you tube is the situation comedy Love Thy Neighbour,all episodes available,don't watch if you are easily offended!!
  14. Hello again Paul,we seem to keep meeting on various sites.I left Turners in 1990 and went to Macsel as manager,left there in 96 and not long after both Turners and Macsel closed down.We don't get into Sheffield much these days but a few weeks ago we went up Abbey lane and down through Woodseats,it all seems to have completely changed in last few years,not many businesses have survived.Hope you are keeping well.
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