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  1. Hi - I need a party entertainer for my daughters 4th birthday - preferably FROZEN themed! 14th Dec - can anyone help? thanks Lou x
  2. They are jealous of my 11 month old and unfortunatley have not accepted her. She is now crawling and nearly walking and they are not keen on her. They were great wih my step kids - who came to live with me when they were 6 and 8 - they are now 14 and 16 and the dogs accepted them - no problem. WE have tried to make it ok, but it never will be and my daughter has to come first. This has been a really hard decision to make.
  3. Hi - really sorry for any confusion. I have registered them with an adoption charity that re home dogs, however this could take up to 3 months!!!! My friend has them at the momemt - has done for the past 3 weeks, but he goes away on the 12th Dec - so i need to try and have them fostered for a while until the adoption happens. Hope that makes sense. I really could do with any help anyone can offer with a temp home. I am trying to do the best for them. x
  4. Hi, I still need help in trying to find a fosterer for my 2 small Jack Russell's, both girls. I have a friend who has them until the 12th of Dec, but nothing after that. They are currently registered with Rescue Remedies - who do life long adoption, but you need to keep the dogs/foster them or kennel them until a home is found. I will pay for all food and anything else that is needed, even a 2 week foster period would help? Can anyone PLEASE help? Thank you Louise
  5. Hi did you get the dog fostered? I am in a similar need of temp fostering?
  6. Hi - Both dogs are bitches, 8 years old - fully vacinated, spayed and very fit & healthy. I am looking at re homing as one of them is not very keen on my 11 month old daughter as she has always been the top dog in the house, she is jealous. My daughter is now crawling and nearly walking and it is becoming very difficult to keep them seperate. Mollie ( my top dog) has always been great with kids, I have 2 step children, that have lived with us since the age of 6 and my dogs have adored them. So to cut a long story short . . . I am using a charity - rescue remedies to help me get them life long adoptopn, but this process can take up to 3 months for to find a suitable family , o i need help up until then!
  7. thanks i will look into it. I was trying to avoid them being in a pound. I will call Leeds trust. X
  8. Thanks anyway - would you happen to know any other Dog fosterers or any contact numbers? I know all this is a long shot but it will be worth it when i do find thema loving, caring home.
  9. Unfortunatley we can not take the risk of bringing them home, I am in the process of working with a charity, Rescue Remedies, that have life long dog adoption. But you keep onto the dogs until a home is found - which could be months. Hence why I am looking for a fosterer of sorts. I am trying to do what is best for my child and my dogs - i will not put them in kennels or a sancutury - I need to find them a loving home. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. Hi: Can anyone point me in the direction of someone whom may wish to foster 2 jack russells for 1-2 months in there own home? Or of a service where people send there dogs to whilst on holiday - but is not kennels - a more bespoke caring place. I know ome people care for the dogs in there own home?
  11. Reason for Rehome / Sale : We need to rehome them due to one of them not really liking my 11 month old daughter - who is crawling everywhere. Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP Sale Amount- Free Has the Dog been in Rescue - No we have had them from 7 weeks old - they are now 8 years old. Location ; Bradway Age & Sex " females both 8 years Breed/ Mix : JAck Russells KC Registered: No Approximate size : Small 5KG Exercise Needed: Walks 2 x day, but can be left for 6 hours in the house Neutered & Micro chipped: Yes Vaccinated & Wormed: Yes up to date Live in / out: Live in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues :No Temperament: Very loving and loyal - very good fun Good or Bad with Children - Good but over 5 years Dislike of Men or Women : Love people OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals: One is ok with other dogs/ one is not Travel OK in Car : one does / one does not Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - yep - Destructive Behaviour ; none Barks at the postman Pull on the lead: sometimes Housetrained : Yes General Information you can share about the Dog.Both dogs ( mollie & Rosie)have been a prime part of our lives for 8 years and we love them dearly, they love people and playing with there balls. Unfortunatley one is jealous of my 11 month old daughter - and with her crawling - nearly walking we have had to make the hardest decision, to re home them. Also they no longer get the 2 walks a day or to play as much. They need a home where they can be loved - with older children or no kids at all. They can stay in the house whilst you are at work. I really need to find them a brilliant home and will not let them go justs anywhere? If you can help or even know of anyone who can take them for 3 months wilst i look at adpotion processes, this would help! MAny thanks for taking the time to read this.
  12. Hi - We have 2 beautiful 8 yr old Jack Russells ( bitches ) that are full of fun, that need a new home. We have recently had a baby and they do not get get the attention they need or deserve any more. Also one of them is a little jealous of our new arrival. If you know any one who can home and offer lots of love to them - please put them intouch with us. They are fit and healthy plus up to date with all imunisations. Alternativley anyone you know that could home them for 8 - 12 weeks whilst we go through a doggy adoption process?????? Thanks - lou xxxx
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