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  1. My daughter was going to work, didnt know the abuser. Was shouted at and followed by this man, horrendous things were said. She tried ring her colleague to make sure he was near by. Turns out her colleague had been abused by same person after her. This was reported to police but they said there was no cctv??? Which i dont believe as theres cameras all over fitzalan square and commercial street. Also cameras outside B&M towards KFC. My daughter said there were people about but nobody said or did anything.
  2. My son was feeling poorly saturday, didnt manage to get covid test till tuesday through post. We were both trying from saturday but no tests available either walk in or drive thru. How bad is this? He couldnt return to work so was unpaid for 5 days . Just had negative result back so can return to work tomorrow . This government need step up and see what effect the lack of tests are having on normal working class people.
  3. Does anyone remember seeing a man in black hoodie with back pack shouting abuse at a young girl as she walked towards B&M? Was around 5.45/5.55 saturday morning. This abuse has left her very shaken and was totally unnecessary .
  4. Did you see my 15yr old daughter being harrassed by a homeless/ drunk male wearing an adidas hoodie an jogging bottoms, yesterday at around 18-15 on Arundle gate?? If so why didn't anyone help her? She was very distressed when she arrived home. The police said "she should have rung them straight away." Well she was scared and thought the man was going to hit her an take the phone from her hand. I'm asking people to please be aware of what's happening around you and intervene if at all possible.
  5. come grab a bargain this payday, bags purses, shoes, make-up and accessories at the princess royal, woohouse mill, from 19:30 Thursday 29th. Cash purchases on the night.
  6. Wednesday 22nd July, at the 3 feathers pub on Bowden wood cresent s9. Handbag party, selection or quality bags an accessories to buy on the night. Cash only, 7pm start. Phone Nicola for more info or to book a party.07570797801
  7. Missing cat... Black female cat with white chin an paws, she has a collar on with magnet on( one of those that opens cat flap). She was last seen on April 30th around Bowden wood area just near 3 feathers pub. I've been searching the area , please check sheds an garages to see if she's been locked in. Please ring or text with info 07570797801
  8. Does anyone know what happened in three feathers last nite?? I came past at 1ish and police an ambulances all over???? Loads of people lined street but not sure what had gone off.
  9. Bought a kia sportage on 29/6/13 from lookers kia, got as far as darnal and broke down spoke to andy ellis manager who sent tech out who then rang recovery truck. Waited a week picked car up again got home then popped out, broke down again. Was told lie after lie an blame pushed from dept tp dept. Couldnt/wouldnt give refund till monday. Told me he sorted refund but next day accounts dept new nothing about it. Aftrr few phone calls managed to get refund but lookers insisted i take my part-ex back saying i broke the contract ! Take my advise and dont buy from lookers the salesman even told me the car had leeked fluid just before it left the showroom!
  10. As a landlord myself, my feeling is a bad credit rating doesn't mean you won't pay the rent. There are many people that have fallen on hard times in their life me included and yet still paid their rent to keep the roof over their heads. Most people realise that if the rent isn't paid they will be thrown out or even the property reposessed and thrown out that way. I go on gut feeling and usually not far wrong. A good idea is to offer a few months rent but above all be honest and upfront about your situation.I'd much rather know the full story at the start than find out lies later.
  11. Does anyone know about old furniture? I've got 3 wardrobes with the emblem Tudor rose on them they look like walnut but I'm no expert. The detail inside suggests they are very old, any ideas?
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