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  1. I'm not quite sure you got the point of my post and its never quite as good when one has to explain it. I was accepting the fact that block capitals was some form of etiquette and merely asking whether it goes a bit further than that in a tongue in cheek kind of way. There was no need for a sarcastic put down and your further tetchy response does indeed show you have little understanding of netiquette. Maybe a re-read RFC 1855 is necessary.
  2. Perhaps you haven't. Extract from RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines: "Remember that the recipient is a human being . . . Be especially careful with sarcasm."
  3. Interesting! I never realised I could change the volume of my messages. I know this is a little off piste but I've already said my piece about you know who and I do not wish to add any more. So what are the rules or can we make them up: whispering talking raised voice SHOUTING BURST BLOOD VESSELS I just don't see where the ITALICS COME IN
  4. Fantastic thread. I do have to say, though, I was beginning to lose the will to live in parts. I really hope Thatcher feels that way. When she goes I'll be one of the millions cheering. What was to be despised about Thatcher was that she made the policy of 'the end justifies the means' politically acceptable. I'll give two examples: The clear policy of smashing the miners union. This was meticulously planned and executed and relied on the knowledge that Arthur Scargill would march the miners into oblivion like lemmings over a cliff. This was not in the interests of business or economics, it was for ideological reasons. Whole communities were destroyed and some still haven't recovered. Don't for a minute believe that Thatcher didn't know this would happen. The blind ideological use of monetarism to run the economy. Controlling inflation with the almost solitary use of interest rates put hundreds of thousands more people out of work than was necessary. That's why I hate Thatcher and her legacy. The present government appear to be treading the same dangerous path. This time, though, the unions might just bite back.
  5. Greenhill is about 10 miles from Stocksbridge on the South side of Sheffield. Can I asked why you moved 'over the pond'? And why join Sheffield Forum?
  6. Its ludicrous that Scotland think its a good idea. North Sea oil will run out soon and then where will they be? Added to that their MPs serve in two parliaments at the moment don't they. Isn't that almost like having double the power of an English MP? Finally, I'm not so sure anyone thinks the EU is a good idea at the moment!!
  7. Thankyou. I like your signature. I'll have to think of one!
  8. Have built my own website and got in onto the first page of google but I've never posted on a forum. Hopefully I can make some decent contributions.
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