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  1. I have a HTC desire S running gingerbread, I want to update it to ICS or even Jellybean....official RUU releases on HTCdev site, however...I dont want to mess my phone up by attempting this myself as it looks really complicated! Would any phone shop in sheffield root my phone for me and install ICS or jellbean? or is this a done thing If yes...roughly how much would it cost and the best place to take my phone please, thanks in advance! x
  2. Property Offered Area:s5 Type of Property: House Number of Bedrooms:2 Landlord: Council Any other information: I live on southey green road...halifax road end, 2 bed house, garden, drive with gates, upstairs toilet as well as downstairs. Modernised with new windows, doors, kitchen, bathroom. decorated throughout in neutral colours. Property Wanted Area: s35 Type of Property: House or flat Number of Bedrooms: 1 or 2 Landlord: I would like to swap for a one or 2 bed house if possible, i would consider a 1 bed flat so long as it allows pets as ive got a border collie. I wont consider any other area apart from s35....high green, chapletown, burncross, lower ecclesfield, grenoside (might consider thorpe hesley) as i need to be close to my mum in high green. Hopefully someone can help as i need an exchange ASAP.
  3. erm....not a clue! i dont even know what one of them is!
  4. oh no! i love this game as well! how long for another update do you think?
  5. I have a htc desire s, for the past few weeks i have being playing candy crush saga on the handset itself (downloaded from google play store) but a few days ago it crashed so i unistalled it, i went back to google play store to reinstall it and now it keeps saying that my device is not compatable with this version! I have no idea what i have done wrong, i have playing on the game previously so obviously my device is compatable....any ideas guys as im missing my game! ---------- Post added 27-03-2013 at 13:34 ---------- forgot to add, after searching the internet on how to solve it...this is what ive tried already but it didnt work... play store app under settings/applications, I cleared the cache first then data. play store app under settings/applications, i unistalled updates. switched my phone off and back on, pulled the battery. changed my screen resolution to 320. checked the box to allow downloads from other sources. :huh:
  6. yes they do but they only lend you enough to tide you over till you are next due some money... even if the payment you are due is only a tenner! with what the op has said she has got coming in i highly doubt they would award her a crisis loan. Crisis loans are usually paid out to people waiting for their new claim to benefit to be sorted out, its a lot harder to get passed for one if you are in receipt of benefits, especially numerous benefits. to the op, you can give crisis loans a try tomorrow...not that i think you will be awarded anything, failing that, try provident, greenwoods, shopacheck, the APR is stupid but if your as desperate as you say you are? Or (and me and hubby as had to do this quite a few times when he lost his job) take some stuff to cash converters in hillsbrough and put it in on a buy back...mobile phones, laptops, even hi-fi tvs or dvd players...they will take anything so long as it works! then you can buy it back once you have got back on your feet. Or just weigh in some jewelerry or ask family and friends to help you out. Good luck! x
  7. I agree with you both about sheffield forumers...they are the best! Its so lovely when someone is in need of advice, help or just someone to talk to, you lovely people are only a type away! Anyway..just to update you all, kier have been fantastic! i phoned up and within the hour they sent a lovely man that replaced my valve on the boiler, hey presto...heating and hot water!! so fast! I was wondering if i should put in a compliment like a complaint but the opposite! Kier do get slated sometimes but they gone above and beyond for me today and im truely grateful, just like iam to all of you, especially plain talker! still cannot get my head round someone willing to catch a half an hour bus ride and drop off a heater to someone they dont know and wants nothing in return...well apart from the heater back , no seriously...thanks plain talker, hopefully i will be in a position to help you out one day! xx
  8. thank you ever so much but ive just phoned kier and they are sending someone out today! thank god for that. Thank you so much though, it was a really kind offer and thanks to the other posts offer advice...very kind xxx
  9. i didnt realise you was catching a bus to get to me...dont bother then, honestly its fine, im going to ring kier to see if they will drop some off for me. i dont want you going out of your way just for me! if i have no luck with kier i will get straight back to you...we have a car so it would be easier for us to collect...anyway, lets see what kier says first. Im truely thankful for your offer though xxx
  10. if you could that would be fantastic! you will get it back i promise and i will look after it, i will pm you my address, thanks again xx
  11. im on southey green road, near wadsly bridge shops? xx
  12. i have no fire at all whether it be electric or gas! i dont have children at home but i do have hot water because i can boil it from the kettle xx
  13. my boiler has just broke down and the council cannot come out until monday afternoon! its freezing in my home and i have not got any spare funds at all to buy any electric heaters to put me on. so i was wondering if any of you very kind sheffielders have any electric heaters that i could borrow please. i can collect and drop them back off to you once my heating has been sorted. We have not got any carpets laid either which is making the house feel colder...i would be ever so grateful! xx
  14. Im waiting for my housing benefit to be sorted but they keep asking for more and more information! everytime i supply information they find something else ive got to provide! i was in rent arrears of 300 pounds before housing benefit stated messing me about and now its 857! Ive got direct deductions from my income support of 10 pounds for my rent and a few quid left over for my rent arrears. This morning ive received a letter stating that sheffield homes are taking me to court to apply for an eviction warrant! Ive made an appointment with C.A.B first thing monday morning and also the housing benefit people at howden house to try and get this sorted, however sheffield homes are still taking me to court for eviction. Does anyone think i will get evicted with that amount of arrears? Im really really worried and cannot do anything as its the weekend so its going to be a worrying and stressful weekend for me, i was just wondering what people thought on this matter....will i end up getting evicted?
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