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  1. Hi all, I'm wanting to start getting fit and healthy and have decided to do a body detox and then start a fresh after that by eating healthy and exercising, but i don't really know how to go about doing a body detox so I was hoping somebody might have some advice who has done it before. I would really appreciate any help and advice, thanks
  2. what are the details of it as we might be able to tell u ---------- Post added 08-10-2014 at 18:21 ---------- if anyone has any Hornby items for sale let me know, thanks
  3. the second hand shop at rails of Sheffield has just shut down ---------- Post added 28-09-2014 at 14:42 ---------- what do u mean by little London mate
  4. hi, does anyone know where I can buy second hand Hornby train items apart from ebay please
  5. hi can anyone please tell me if there any mid week car boots around Sheffield/chesterfield please
  6. I was driving over the hill top bridge bridge just as they was closing the road for the air ambulance, poor guy R.I.P x
  7. Iv just done a google search for u and if u don't get it back John lewis sell them for £11
  8. I'm a tree surgeon and get no end of phone calls to come and correct cowboys work and some of the stuff I see is scary
  9. Take them to UK bullion on eccy rd they will give u a good price
  10. I think if it comes up unknown then the person calling u is pressing 141 first to keep the number private
  11. No mate a high lift jack is different, they do sell them there but very expensive
  12. Hi all I'm wanting a hi lift jack does anyone know where sell's them for a good price Regards Chris
  13. Poor man I thought he looked younger than that, RIP fella
  14. Yes we was driving past coming back off holiday just as it must of happened it didn't look to good for the young lad bless him
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