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  1. I'm a handyman based in dronfield and make enough to support my family. I changed a light bulb for a new customer yesterday (elderly lady) whose husband had died on xmas morning, I didn't charge her. I was passing and it took 10 minutes as was behind glass bowl. To me that is satisfying helping someone out who's having a tough time. £50 by the sparkie is a **** take. I believe in being fair with people and when that customer needs a.job doing they'll hopefully think of me. Being self employed is about doing a good job for a fair price but also you have to be respectful and sell yourself too.
  2. Driven from Dronfield to Rotherham at 0430. Main roads in Dronfield passable. There was a snow plough on beauchief roundabout and followed a plough and gritter from Norton aerodrome to manor top. They then u turned and went back towards Norton on pow road. Good work from the council.
  3. excellent piece of work. did anyone notice the slug bottom left at 1:13. i wonder if it was a paid cameo?
  4. could it be overheating? does the fan run fast? does it feel hot?
  5. i am a very keen road cyclist and it really irks me when cyclists jump red lights. Last weekend i saw 197 cyclists jumping red lights mile after mile around sheffield. imagine my disbelief when i saw that they were escorted by the police who did nothing to stop them and they were followed by a number of cars who seemed to think it was also ok to do it. Even worse were the members of the public who were encouraging them to do it by cheering and clapping - the country has gone mad!
  6. awesome drummer. I was only 2 when he died and only got into zep in my teens but bonham and grohl are the two drummers who just blow me away with their abilty to be so powerful and controlled.
  7. it does sound like a psu issue to me. if it is shutting down when you play a game then it says to me that the psu can't cope with the extra power demand.
  8. and the problem was................
  9. i'd say that there must be another fuse. sticking a key in probably blew the fuse
  10. if the fuse is ok then it must be a wiring fault. is there definitely voltage at the socket? have you checked with a voltmeter or tried another type of charger in it. most chargers for phones and t wat navs have fuses in them!
  11. if i wasn't married then i would. life is too short for procrastination. the worst that can happen is they say no!
  12. was the chip chat related in anyway to the big mac discussion?
  13. it amazes me how many laptops would be perfectly functional if people took a little time to clear them of dust and carry out a bit of software/os husbandry every month. Still it keeps the money coming in.
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