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  1. Sad to hear of your loss. RIP little cat. x
  2. I know of one who has a clinic near to where I live and has been around for years (so they must be doing something right!). It's Sheffield Clinical Hypnosis in Woodseats. Here is his website: http://www.sheffieldclinicalhypnosis.co.uk There is an article on there from a woman whose fear of pigeons he cured.
  3. Thanks for your kind words everyone, she's settled and snug and warm in the living room with her favourite food. She looks terrible, but she's home. xx
  4. Hi Katkin, Tried to send you a private message but your inbox is full. Thanks again for your help in locating Lucy, we really appreciate it. She's a dear old thing and we've felt lost without her at home. xx
  5. Hi - I had no idea people had replied to my thread! So sorry guys, I've been looking at the wrong piece of info on the forum because i'm a bit rubbish at it - Doh!) Good news! Lucy was found today thanks to the help of a lovely local man who took her in and gave her shelter. Janice from the cat's shelter managed to locate us thanks to Katkin on here. We are very grateful, thanks so much everyone. Lucy's very thin, but unharmed, and she's calm. She seems happy to be back at home. The man who took her in and looked after her also took her to the vet who said she is in good health apart from being skinny due to her adventures. Thanks again people of Heeley and Sheffield Cat's Protection, and to Katkin, and the kind man who helped us.
  6. Hi everyone, Just to say a huge thanks to the people who have taken the time to look at my post on here and keep an eye out for our dear old cat Lucy. She hasn't turned up yet, but people living in Heeley who have responded to our leaflets and posters have been fantastic. What a great community to live in.
  7. Missing from Alexandra Road in Heeley: Lucy is a fluffy black cat with white paws and chest who has been missing for 24 hours and her family are worried about her. She is 15 years old, and is quite skinny and small. Could people living in Heeley please keep an eye out for her? She might be stuck in a shed or garage. If you see her please let us know - we will check this thread regularly and be out looking for her in the area again tonight. Thanks Tubthump
  8. One free advertising magazine that must get a decent take up for adverts is that Grapevine that goes to houses in South Sheffield. We get it every month, and there are lots of companies in there that you see advertising full pages every month, so surely it brings them new business if they keep paying to be in there? It's not my cup of tea really, but the articles are tongue in cheek and well written and designed and it's every month so there must be people reading it! Tub
  9. To whoever broke into my wife's black Peugeot in Heeley on Tuesday 21st June 2011, we just want you to know that not only did you steal the camera that her father gave her as a gift, you also stole the memory card in it that contains precious and irreplaceable photos of our new baby girl. I'm not going to say how scummy your crime was, breaking into a family car and taking things that don't belong to you from the boot. But if anyone has been given or offered for sale a Canon 350d with a memory card in it, please, please, can you contact me and return the memory card. We can arrange you to return it anonymously if you prefer. The camera is in a black and cream Jessops Bag.
  10. Much as I want to champion local enterprises, the fact that the Milestone has made it into the Semi finals, never mind actually being shortlisted in the first place, removes any credibility to Ramsay's Best Restaurant competition, and actually raises serious questions over Gordon's judgement. Interestingly, the programme highlighted the kitchen's tendency to leave dishes standing on the pass to the point of ruin. This is exactly what happened when I went nearly a year ago, and I was left with inedible food. We fed this back to the waiting staff, but it's obvious that nothing's changed in the interim. How such a fundemental error was allowed to be brushed over by Ramsay is inexplicable. If it was an episode of Kitchen Nightmares he would have torn a strip out of them. That coupled with the burnt chips, underseasoned starters, black pudding overload and the final meal being served without a key component- I'm struggling to see how they left such an impression. I'm sure that a lot of the reason they were put through was down to Ramsay liking the firmness of the head chef's handshake.
  11. I actually can't believe what I'm reading here. It's like I went to a completely different restaurant. I've eaten at many, but the Milestone was single handedly the worst dining experience I've ever had. The meal I had was a million miles away from "well cooked food with a creative twist". We paid premium upstairs prices for xmas dinner and got, broken glass on seats, leather like ravioli, split sauces, cold sauces, shrivelled veg, dried out poultry.. They contrived to get every aspect of the meal completely wrong, and took 3 and a 1/2 hours to labour over it. It was a total disaster. An absolute car crash. When I heard that the Milestone had been selected as a front runner for Ramsay's Best Restaurant I was genuinely angry. It doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Moran's.
  12. Does anyone know the contact details of a window cleaner in the Heeley area? Our house is too tall for our ladders. Thanks Tubthump
  13. I appreciate that we were a big party, though we were ordering from a limited set menu, we gave them a weeks notice as to what we would be eating and only one course required cooking (the mains). I hope we were an exception rather than the rule because I wouldn't want to wish that experience on any one.
  14. First thing's first, this is not a Michelin starred restaurant, it doesn't even feature in the Good Food Guide. I think it is a sad state of affairs that The Milestone is being touted in this thread as being up with very best the city has to offer. It is indicative of the paucity of top class cuisine in Sheffield. I went with a party of 16 for the christmas menu at £35 /head having heard a lot of buzz about the place. The menu itself with its amuse bouches, pallette cleansers and guinea fowls, gallontines, and raviolis certainly talked a good Michelin talk. We were all very excited by how the food looked on paper, but unfortunately the proof was in the eating. First impressions- we sat down, the friend sitting next to me discovered broken glass on her seat that if undiscovered would have been a particularly unpleasant apparatif. The aforementioned amouse bouche were pleasant enough- pigs in blankets and fried stuffing balls, but that was it good as it got for the next 4 hours. 45 minutes passed before our cold starters arrived (despite us giving the restaurant a weeks notice of our orders)- a slab of terrine with a streak of balsamic. The level of preperation required to serve this up was minimal, if not already pre-prepared, how it took an hour to make the short distance from the kitchen to the table was baffling. Another hour past, and those of us who ordered the Guinea Fowl and ravioli could see our meals overcooking under the hotlamps at the pass as the kitchen tried to co-ordinate our party's other orders. They understandably wanted to bring everyone's mains out at the same time, but this meant the poor poultry kept cooking away under those lamps. When it was finally served up, the meat was dry as a bone, the ravioli had taken on a rubbery leather like texture, the sauce had split, and the vegetables managed to achieve a mushy consistency despite all the moisture having evaporated. Extraordinary. A further hour passed before our cold profiteroles were served. Again, the delay was mystifying, the dessert was clearly pre-prepared, the only cooking required was to heat the chocolate sauce, which incidentally they neglected to do. In fairness to them, they realised what a pigs ear they had made of our experience and refunded the guinea fowl dishes and gave us a free bottle of wine. Nevertheless, I can't remember having had a poorer meal out in my life. At £35/ head, you expect a lot, lot more. This was terribly executed, badly managed, inedible, horrendous value for money. I hope they pull it round- Sheffield needs more restaurants who can competently put together dishes that The Milestone's menus allude to.
  15. There's a thread about it here on another forum, some folk have placed an order and are waiting for it to be dispatched. Probably worth following it and waiting to see the outcome before placing an order yourself. http://www.avforums.com/forums/ps3/1106014-has-anyone-dealt-http-www-frog-games-co-uk.html
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