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  1. To Chez2 Thank you for your reply. Yep ! Maplins of course, opposite the Town Hall and there`s one at Crystal Peaks retail too. Good idea. So that`s what I`ll do, try Maplins. Many thanks,
  2. Here`s one to make you smile, but I thought I would ask anyway. I don`t have any experience in electronics and I know absolutely nothing about them. However, I thought I might help my teenage grandson get interested in electronics so I purchased a self build digital clock from a Chinese source found on E/Bay for about a fiver. And yes, the instructions are extremely minimal and of course written in Chinese. Even though I have a nice new magnifying glass to view all these tiny parts I haven`t got a clue how to begin to assemble it. So my question is, is there a supplier of DIY electronic kits with comprehensive instructions written in English? Many thanks,
  3. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. May I just add, yes the disc is a re-writeable, or was until I shoved too much on it. I just need to re-access the Microsoft Word blurb that I have put on it. Keep the suggestions coming, I`m still hoping to crack this nut. Cheers,
  4. It`s a cd that I have been putting notes on from Microsoft Word. I write notes, say 4 pages, then save to cd. I have been adding to the cd over the past two or three years and wasn`t aware that it was reaching "Full." The first I knew was when I was loading some notes on to the cd that I had written. I had almost got them all on when a warning was flagged up. "Disc nearly full." I thought I would just give the "Save" button one more press hoping to get all the notes onto the cd when another sign was flagged up saying "DiscFull," and I haven`t been able to access the cd since. Any suggestions of sorting this mess I have made will be fully appreciated.
  5. Sorry for delay, it`s a cd. No, I`m not able to access any files. "Disc full" is the only message I can get from it. Thanks for your replies.
  6. Recommendations for eating out in city centre this coming New Year`s Eve please. (2014/15) Seeking somewhere decent but not too young and trendy. (Yes, yes, I know! It`s because I`m old you see.) Many thanks,
  7. Hi, just writing notes sort of like a diary and saving to disc. I didn`t notice until the last moment a notice saying, Disc full, but I decided to shove the piece that I had written onto the disc anyway. Now, I`m unable to access the disc at all. Help please,
  8. Many thanks to dutch and iansheff for your input, I now feel better informed. Best wishes,
  9. My wife and I have just paid a deposit on a new garage door. It is a key fob remote control, roller shutter door which has been made locally and is booked to be installed next week. My problem is, that I was told by the salesman that the installation fitters would string a wire and take a feed from the nearest 13amp wall socket. This worries me as the socket may become overloaded what with the wires that are already in there and there was no mention of the new wire being fitted inside plastic trunking. By that I mean I hope they are not just intending to use plastic clips held in place with small tacks. With the evermore safety features being introduced, shouldn`t the fitters be taking their power direct from the fuse board? Help please.
  10. Does anyone remember a young lady from Foxhill in 1960`s called Sherran Anne Wigfield. She worked in a café near West St. I had just come out of the Royal Hosp with a giant pot on my leg after coming off a motorbike. I hobbled into the café on crutches and was served a coffee by this very attractive redhead. I was 18 and had it not been for me not being able to get about very well I would have asked her for a date. Just wanted to say that she was so pretty that I always remembered her. Hope she has had a good life, it`s been 50 years now. Cheers and good luck if she reads this.
  11. I called here for breakfast a couple of years ago with a some mates before we went to do a few routes on Stoney. Didn`t see any grumpy guy but did see a few notes pinned up here and there. The breakfast was good and the café was basic which is just what is required in this location. I have nothing but praise for any café employee (or owner) who keep others in their place and prevent them or their kids from becoming a nuisance. Remember, this café is for outdoor types such as walkers, bikers, climbers and campers. So if you are a moaning city dweller who are just touring by car; then I say drive on to the city and eat at McDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc, etc where you will be in like minded company
  12. Thanks cgksheff, I`ll bear in mind what you say when I go down to Wickes sometime in the next few days.
  13. Many thanks to those above for taking the time to reply. Still undecided though.
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