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  1. When I was younger the corner shop was where you got things on tick or on strap Another foam of get it now pay at end of week when you got paid
  2. I remember Albert Hartley so will a lot more people
  3. Hi Mick remember name sure he was at Johns funeral John Cartilage knew Fred , Glasby, big lad stopper man some characters worked in that shop The grinding of billets was done in the corner of the shop there was another lad work there quiet spoken fetched his kids up can never remember his name remember Casson and Jack Acaster singing Melter
  4. OkMick yes your John married a girl who lived near our family she one of a twin My family knew here family well Dad was called Graham and mother Shirley both used to be HGV drivers self employed
  5. Hi Mick yes Steve. Did some work on site when it shut down after that he went hod carrying .he worked with us Ducker ,most of lad got jobs We all realise now what a good place to work Brown Baileys The last firm I worked for thought we gone back 50yr
  6. Yes your Wright we are all getting on I stopped on at brown Baileys work for mergsound burning Union man Ramage set it up then went to work for London Scandinavia at Rotherham spent 23yr there did 13yr at Brown Baileys then in between went wrecking on power stations hardly ever out of work now I had to take early retirement
  7. Hi Mick Steve been a bit rough and Iam rough on oxegen 24 /7 but got to keep going All them years working in **** at different companies where health and safety were not a issue
  8. Ok Mick yes last saw lads at John Davis funeral still keep in touch with Steve Loftus Still I live on littledale how are you and your John keeping
  9. Sooty here yes worked on most cranes including swing grinders and big casting crane charging and stripping cranes has a utility driver we drove cranes all over Brown Baileys Ron ILey worked on casting crane
  10. John Davis and brother Harry past away Remember Claud crane driver West Indian. Ron ILey on casting cane
  11. Yes John Davis was crane driver there you was your brother called John I worked in mills then went crane driving that was utility driver All lads use to go clubbing on a Friday night Remember Loftus / Daives/Tosh I worked all over Brown Baileys for 13 yr
  12. Does any one know who will cut a conifer hedge it's about 8ft tall 20ft wide it's just untidy thanks
  13. Hi I worked in 4mill Jack Turner Harry Turner Macormac all were rollers Cliff Driver and Lenard on furnace Roy Cashin under roller with another underoller called Proctor
  14. Did 13yrs at Brown Bayleys in rolling mill /crane driving in forge then utility driver Best company ever worked for
  15. Yes they worked in the melting shop John was a crane driver no longer with us His brother Harry was a crane driver Think Reg worked on shop floor
  16. Gorge Woods on Staniforth Road S9 did the best short back and sides not to long at the back plus he singed yor hair with flames
  17. Has any one got any free or to sell strawberry plants
  18. I remember collishaws farm and pit hill on the Wybourn
  19. If it's the same vicar he used to feed the homeless
  20. I knew your Ernest when I was younger
  21. Does anyone know what rights you have when someone tree branches are hanging well over another property keeping light out of bottom of garden and greenhouse
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