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  1. raymondo1952

    Working at Brown Baileys

    Hi I worked in 4mill Jack Turner Harry Turner Macormac all were rollers Cliff Driver and Lenard on furnace Roy Cashin under roller with another underoller called Proctor
  2. raymondo1952

    Working at Brown Baileys

    Did 13yrs at Brown Bayleys in rolling mill /crane driving in forge then utility driver Best company ever worked for
  3. raymondo1952

    Working at Brown Baileys

    Yes they worked in the melting shop John was a crane driver no longer with us His brother Harry was a crane driver Think Reg worked on shop floor
  4. Gorge Woods on Staniforth Road S9 did the best short back and sides not to long at the back plus he singed yor hair with flames
  5. raymondo1952

    Strawberry plants

    Has any one got any free or to sell strawberry plants
  6. raymondo1952

    What was there before the Parkway

    I remember collishaws farm and pit hill on the Wybourn
  7. raymondo1952

    Rev Howell Thomas of Attercliffe

    If it's the same vicar he used to feed the homeless
  8. raymondo1952

    Attercliffe lads

    I knew your Ernest when I was younger
  9. raymondo1952

    Hanging branches on trees i

    Does anyone know what rights you have when someone tree branches are hanging well over another property keeping light out of bottom of garden and greenhouse
  10. raymondo1952

    Shopping in Firth Park in the 60's/70's

    That's how we used to measure things ?
  11. raymondo1952

    Names with same job

    Alan Ball footballer
  12. raymondo1952

    Names with same job

    other people seem to differ
  13. raymondo1952

    Names with same job

    Do you know where a person has the same surname as their job i.e. Belgian footballer Mark De Man Book on the Arctic by Mr Snowman see how many you can get
  14. raymondo1952

    Hello I’m a new member 😊

    Iam not new on here just answering siobhan question
  15. raymondo1952

    Queenies fish and chip shop

    When I went to Hartley Brook School we used to use this chippy You used to by a small uncut loaf take the middle out of it and stuff it with chips very good chip shop then

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