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  1. Why should i, shouldnt the council have guys to check these things? I did report it last time but nothing was done . Amey has replaced these signs with cheap ones that havent been put in correctly and they are so thin and wrak that people can kick them off . Amey are a joke .
  2. Why are they all bent, missing and falling over, there are some that has chunks out of them leaving sharp jagged edges. ?
  3. The new Street signs are woeful...either most are bent fell over or now missing...the old ones at least were stronger and put in right .
  4. I was talking the a local businessman today who has a shop on West Street, he told me that one begger claimed to have earned 300 quid on new years Eve. Another time someone got their food order wrong so rather then chucking it in the bin he went out to offer it someone on the street and the begger said to him could he give him money instead!...thankfully he didn't.
  5. Might sound extreme this but my recent visit to the hospital (by taxi) was a joke, It took 25 minutes to get to the front entrance because of the gridlock by all the people in their own cars trying to find a parking space. I drive a car and I either get a bus or taxi because driving my car to the RHH is just too stressful. I've come to the conclusion that a ban on cars entering the hospital grounds of all the hospitals would help congestion, not make people late and also help the environment. Thoughts?
  6. Why would anyone normal human being want to ride about on a bike at that time of morning making that much noise ...they must be simple, to put it mildly.
  7. Loads were done at a Wednesday match a few months ago ...one was a high performance sports corsa.
  8. Apparently 4 houses got done last night in Hillsborough near to the h&j pub...all occupants where fast asleep and they even got away in one of the cars that they loaded up ..no one saw a single thing. Any one with any info plz inform the police asap.
  9. Bloke down the pub told me tonight he was confronted by one on his drive emptying rubbish all over so he went and gave him what far and in the process he ripped his mask off his face and to his shock and horror it turned out to be a guy down his Street in his late 40s that was a manager of a well known company .
  10. It was on Herries rd, on a friday night, normally a very busy road full of passing traffic including police, not one so called arsonist was seen nevermind cought, 11 cars torched and so far not one arrest. it will only become important when someone dies because its spread to their house. by the way, if my car gets stolen and torched I call the police and all i get is an incident number. But If i go 32 in a 30 I get pulled and made to sit in the back of a car and lectured too for 30 minutes.
  11. Do not bring it to the jewelers on Sicey ave firth park, I once ad an expensive watch, brought it to him for a new battery and when I came to collect it he said it fell to bits and he couldn't put it back together, gave it me back in bits. took it somewhere else and they fixed his mess up with a new battery.
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