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  1. HubberHubber

    Huawei p30 pro

    Time Left: 3 days and 21 hours

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    Huawei p30 Pro Network o2 - - 2 week old Good but going back on to iPhone The camera is magnificent and the phone is good 128GB 8GB INCLUDING FLIP CASE


  2. HubberHubber

    Ladies 50 Peaks By Hi-Tec Lace Up Walking Boots -

    And the size is????
  3. just drove down past marcliffe school road closed either end by police with ambulance and fire service there ,,, hope nothing to serious
  4. HubberHubber

    o2 network

    anyone else having o2 network problems
  5. HubberHubber

    Cheesecake Makers Sheffield

    Look online I use bakerday always been for deliveries and cake was really nice 01623 867160
  6. HubberHubber

    Job vacancies

    well see classifieds still not available any news on when as was stated 2 days ago all sorted and it would be up and running
  7. HubberHubber

    Job vacancies

    surely this section should be by now if you are not bringing it back state that you are not bringing it back don't fob the people on the forum .. & if it is coming back can you at least please update the forum users that used the classifieds that's it is and that you are doing your best to sort what ever so called problem you are having …..
  8. HubberHubber

    Handyman required

    pm you
  9. HubberHubber

    Laminate flooring fitted

    Happy to call this afternoon and take a look may possibly be auto sort it next week ,, have pictures of all my work before during and final product thanks 07548754629
  10. HubberHubber

    Plumber required

    happy to take a look for you thanks 07548758629
  11. HubberHubber

    Plumber required

    pm you
  12. HubberHubber

    Tiler wanted

    sent pm thanks
  13. HubberHubber

    Boiler fitter s12 (gas)

    call this guy I use him all the time 07825956700 call him ziggy
  14. HubberHubber

    Kitchen fitter to fit kitchen

    hi will be happy to quote thanks 07548758629
  15. HubberHubber

    Need a combo boiler fitting

    call this guy brilliant gas fitter gas safe 07825956700 use him all the time thanks

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