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  1. Is they any carboots this weekend?
  2. just drove down past marcliffe school road closed either end by police with ambulance and fire service there ,,, hope nothing to serious
  3. anyone else having o2 network problems
  4. Look online I use bakerday always been for deliveries and cake was really nice 01623 867160
  5. well see classifieds still not available any news on when as was stated 2 days ago all sorted and it would be up and running
  6. surely this section should be by now if you are not bringing it back state that you are not bringing it back don't fob the people on the forum .. & if it is coming back can you at least please update the forum users that used the classifieds that's it is and that you are doing your best to sort what ever so called problem you are having …..
  7. bath should be fitted ,if any movement in the bath filled up seal if no movement seal the bath leave to dry , then tile and seal again ,,,,
  8. abbey dale rd on the left as you go up they is loads of old radiators and gates out side
  9. Need a tower scaffolding to be delivered to stannington need it for 2 day
  10. Apperantly axe man in boxers in coop with axe and police officer is the one that was injured
  11. thanks for your help guys spoke to duport the lady hung up on me spoke to the police got a crime number also national fraud crime agencie reported it and crime number from them so hopefully will be sorted asap
  12. Arnadex ltd company owner i have his name marcus bagwell he as a consultant business but using my address keep recieving mail for him spoke to companys house the company was set up by a agencie but until they have spoke to agencie nothing can be done i have sent mail back to differant companies butstill reciving mail !!!! Anybody know him or the company !!!!
  13. Average price to re wire 3 bed terrested house !!! A weeks work including materials!!
  14. Asda at mosborough breakfast Discusting brand been warmed up bacon been microwaved then put on a grill ,tomatoes all paste, mushrooms must have been a day old wouldn't give that to the homeless and starving people !!!
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