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  1. I'm a Year 1 teacher and I dislike sending homework to 5/6 year olds. I know I never had it when I was their age and I turned out ok! I have to send it as it's school policy, but I can't make children/parents do it and never make an issue when it doesn't get done. I leave mine very open ended, explain what we've been doing during the week in numeracy and suggest a couple of activities to consolidate that learning at home, and phonics is revision of the sounds taught during the week. I would say get done what you can/what you want and be honest about how you feel at the parents evening.
  2. People like you disgust me. I would love for my cats to stay on my own garden to avoid vile people like yourself. They are not dogs however, and will go where they please - hopefully avoiding people who believe in being cruel to animals like you do!!
  3. Thanks for suggestions, think my other half is going to make a simple one as I think it will be a bit of a squeeze in the commercial ones for 2 cats (even if they do love to snuggle) and we can't afford 2 KatKabins.
  4. We've got 2 kittens (8 months and 6 months) that will soon be going outdoors together, and I want them to have some kind of outdoor shelter for when we're out of the house and they have gone off on their adventures. I wondered if anyone had bought one of these or these? I like the katkabin but it is pricey and I'm not sure if 2 cats will fit in one. Unfortunately cat flaps aren't an option. Any alternative suggestions are appreciated too!
  5. A belated 'Happy Birthday' Hecate. Hope you had a fab day!
  6. I loved it! Thought it was great! Left the cinema all smiley!
  7. I love Lolita Lempicka, i have never seen it anywhere to buy (except the internet) but was given a free sample when i was in France about 7 years ago and loved it, and when i brought my GHD's online i got some free samples with them and Lolita Lempicka was one, so i got the boyfriend to buy me a big bottle for my birthday. I love it!
  8. I think it is a brilliant album, definitely one of my favourite Foo Fighter albums, probably second after 'Colour and the Shape'. There is not one song on the album i dislike or skip while listening to it. My fave track is probably 'Stranger Things Have Happened' - but i really love their acoustic stuff as well as their heavier stuff. I know a lot of Foo Fighter fans aren't as keen on the acoustic stuff but i love both.
  9. Milo Ventimiglia - Peter Petrelli in Heroes....He is gorgeous! :love:
  10. Pomatomus are my first pair (pair lol, i have half of one ) of 'complicated' socks...i can't remember how hard i found them at first, i think i found them ok. And i got into the chart quite quickly. I found it fairly easy to get back into knitting them as well (or so i thought). They look lovely anyway! I'm sure you'll be fine knitting them!
  11. I saw it awhile ago and loved it, thought it was possibly the best film i'd seen this year. I didn't really know anything about it when i went to see it as my friend picked it and i wasn't expecting it to be my thing at all. I was very impressed though and cried at the end.
  12. Hey, i'm ok thanx! Just not been forum-ing for a while. And i did have a rather long break from knitting - just got back into it again this last month or two. I was trying to finish the Pomatomus socks (yes they're still not finished )- i was putting lots of time in on them then realised I'd bodged somewhere and i was back to where i was 2 weeks before ...never mind. But i am enjoying knitting the blanket second time around!
  13. At the moment i'm baby knitting - a baby blanket (same one as last time in a different colour, for a different person) and some mittens for baby sis at the request of my mother.
  14. The socks are great and i love the afghan, but it would take forever!
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