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  1. I got a lease car in September and they were really good. What they quoted first was a lot more than was quoted from another company. But they were able to bring it right down for me. Really good customer service. I would recommend them
  2. My Renault Megan air bag light came on. And it has been throughly tested every year. Nothing wrong with the airbag, just the light won't go off. ???
  3. I remember as a child I live near a Jaguar garage, that had a factory at the back. Every couple of months there would be an air raid siren, and even though we were not at war, it was the scariest noise ever. Would last for about 20mins and I would just hide. Hearing the noise brings back goosebumps xxx
  4. We found to used needles on the back of our garden, which we thought was strange as all the gardens back on to each other. We reported it to 101 as didn't know who else to contact. They had to report it back to the council,who then told the police that because it was a non council property there was nothing they could do and we had to dispose of the needles. I'm sure this cannot be correct. The Police were great and phoned us back to inform us, and to report it if it happened again. As for the disposal of the needles I explained that I was a community nurse and carry a sharpes bin in my car. But what if like most people I didn't have one. Would I have to risk a needle stick injury from a dirty needle xxx
  5. Hi there we shall be there tonight in reception from 20.05, I some times get there at 20.10. My name is Jess. Springs is top of East Bank road. I think you can hire out equipment but I'm not sure. See you there ---------- Post added 23-02-2015 at 23:04 ---------- Playing tomorrow night if your interested
  6. Hi there. I'm not sure where Michael has gone, but there are three of us that are regulars and we're playing tomorrow night. Hope some of you are coming up tomorrow. If so we meet in reception about 20.05-20.10. See you there
  7. I've been working in North Doncaster, where they had a little sprinkling of snow. I was at a house which is not a bus route, and to my surprise there was a gritter and a snowplough, I think the homeowner was as shocked as me xxx
  8. Hollybank drive, hollybank way and surrounding roads are pretty good xxx
  9. My five year old has been going to Birley since she was in the childcare. She loves it and is doing so well. She loves going to school and asks to go to school on the weekend. The staff I've met are lovely, and they hate to close the school for any reason. Last year my girls classroom flooded, it would of been easy for them just to send them home. But no they made sure that there was somewhere for them to go. Brilliant school xxx
  10. We were in there last night and surprise surprise there was a massive fight. Two people fighting, chucked them both out, then brought one back in, it started again, so they shut the pub. But it was after 11pm, it was about 11.30pm. I left with my friends and as we were leaving, three police cars went racing up. Glasses were being thrown everywhere, not good. One guy covered in blood.
  11. Went to Rother valley today, the entrance past direct cars and noticed some locks on the railway bridge. I was going to google locks on bridge but now I don't need to. Thank you sf xxx
  12. My hubby brought mr a pair from B&Q today £3 bargin
  13. I live in Intake and our black bins were collected this morning. A lot earlier than normal xxx
  14. My wedding anniversary today. So a nice family day in the garden, with the worlds smallest paddling pool. Then night out with the hubby and friends later. Perfect day xxx
  15. I did plan to go up but kids asleep. My husband went up and said there were hundreds there. A beautiful idea.xxx
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