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  1. Sheaf Self Drive on Callywhite Lane Dronfield
  2. Does anyone know if the late Fred Pass has any surviving family,we have a photo of him as a baby which we would like to pass on to his family.
  3. I used to go to Birley bowling alley in the 60s to meet up with some mates who had motorbikes.
  4. I worked for Kershaws in the 1970s we also sold kippers and mushrooms,as wages we were allowed to take 6old pence for every packet sold.
  5. The Daizies were a decent group in the 60s,Spud is now dead and Dave Robinson is now with Past Masters who play in the Dusty Miller at Barlborough every wednesday.
  6. Did anyone work for Austins butchers in the 60s,I worked at Blackstock RD ,Northern Avenue and Nodder Road.
  7. Hi Dj sie In 1948 I was born in No 12 Woodthorpe Close when my parents were lodging with my nan.
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