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  1. Yeah that's him, Rik. The good thing about Facebook though is that people were sharing it all over Sheffield. I'm surprised there isn't already a thread on here tbh, with the forum being specifically for Sheffield
  2. I hope it comes back on soon. There is a man with early onset dementia who has gone missing from Rother Valley and people were spreading the word via Facebook about him. I'm worried that people might stop looking if it stops going viral. I wish I could remember his name, we could put a thread on here..
  3. Does anyone know what's happened in town? Police are asking people to avoid the area..
  4. No Overall Control. I wonder what will happen now..
  5. Some websites say its open until 9pm, others say its closed. Does anyone know if it's open? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if Sheffield Council are doing anything like a council tax break? I've tried to contact them but i'm stuck in a massive queue and they'll be closed for the weekend soon! The statement on their website does not mention it, I just wondered if anyone else had enquired.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of any dentists in Sheffield or Chesterfield that provides a sedation service apart from Charles Clifford? I have a real fear of dentists but need some major work doing. Any advice appreciated! Thanks in advance, Bolls
  8. Thank you for the information. Do you know if it is cash only on the tram?
  9. I want to use my debit card to purchase a weekly tram pass but i'm not sure how to. I've tried to find a Smartcard with no luck as nowhere near me supplies them and I don't really want to buy a paper ticket on the tram as i'll probably lose it or get it wet. Any other ideas? Any advice welcome!
  10. Because at the moment, there is a committee of 10 who decide stuff: Julie Daws + 9 other over-paid councillors. What this campaign is suggesting is every councillor, in every ward, should be sat on the said committee to speak for the people. At the moment, we complain to our local councillor but they don't actually have any clout in decision making. Thus: people just don't vote This could be a game-changer... think about it
  11. I don't think they'll reach the required numbers though. It's a big ask. No-one seems to know about the campaign despite the news tonight. Thanks for putting on the links though!
  12. As seen on the news tonight, has anyone signed the 'It's Our City' petition? Finally a chance for the people of Sheffield to have more say on how Sheffield Council spends our money and how it is run. What does everyone think about it? I think it's a pretty good idea (can't get a link to work though) What's the general feeling? They need 5% of Sheffield's population to sign. So far they've got 713 out of 20,956 needed so I suppose that speaks for itself Interesting though..
  13. I think it's skipped us, cool link though!
  14. I thought we were due for a thunderstorm at about 5pm? Then it changed to 7pm but still nothing yet. Other half felt a few drops in town at about 4pm but that's all... Is there a storm anywhere in Sheffield yet? Or even just a bit of rain maybe?
  15. Thanks for the info guys, that's really useful
  16. Brilliant, thank you. Long shot but I don't suppose you know how he applied do you? Recruitment process or standard application form maybe? There's no advice on the website
  17. Hi, there’s no info on there re job vacancies. I was interested in work experiences there, not just applications. Thanks though
  18. Hi, I just wondered if anyone's had any experience working at Sheffield City Hall and has any info about what it's like to work there and maybe how I would go about applying etc. Any information would be really useful. Many thanks in advance
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