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  1. basically when i was 19 i was young and immature and got a loan out which ended up resulting in a CCJ and me paying back a bit at a time every month, well its totally ruined my credit rating and now im 24, grown up with a pretty good job and wanting to move out, the only problem is, sheffield property shop just wont give me a look in cos im not coming out of prison, on drugs or from another country, and everytime i view a property with an agency, they always want to put me through a credit check, and with most checks been 150 quid i dont want to risk it to get the fail comeback. i just really need my own place, outgrowing the parents house, and just want a landlord who doesnt do such checks, i earn 1,200 a month, and have money saved up. its a shame that a silly mistake i did as a kid is still ruining me. I know once i get a flat, then rent will be paid on time, and i can well afford my own place, just getting over this obstacle really
  2. i was shopping in the store that day and saw a man, looked like some kind of romanian type, buy over 200 punnetts of strawberries at 5p each, him and his wife had 3 trolleys full, i bought two altogether, got home, peeled the reduced sticker off and saw the strawberries was 3 days out of date, i have the reciept and feel like walking down and showing the store manager what type of laws he is breaking.
  3. i have just set up a new facebook page aiming to promote the local sheffield boxers and promotions, and im also about to put a few interviews up with local people within the sport, so for any boxing fans out there, give this page a like. Thanks. http://www.facebook.com/SheffieldBoxingNews
  4. hiya everyone, last week i started a job at a well known supermarket, its on a 25 hour a week contract but its enough to just get by and once my feets under table and i have proven myself I will be able to secure a full time contract. I also took the advice of a few of here, sorted my CV out and contacted a few local warehouses and factories about doing a potential work trial and got offered two jobs from that as well, so that was good advice. one was full time but temp contract and one was a 20 hour a week perm job, but decided to go with the supermarket work as a stable job is something that appeals to me in these tough economic times. But yeah, thanks for everyones advice and persistance finally paid off!
  5. Hey MobileB, have you got an email I can forward my Latest CV and covering letter to. I have contacted a few jobs offering a free no risk, non paid work trail, where all I am after is a reference, but its still looking quiet, but just got to keep plugging away! Also, thanks for everyones help and advice and took it on board, ill keep plugging away!!
  6. so whats the answer, wait till the reccession blows over and jobs in my line of work come up, lie about my previous experience to make it look like i have never had a job and would work at said fast food outlet forever. Or just stick to my guns, apply for what I can to make sure my little girl gets the xmas she deserves and roof over head and food on the table? i defy anyone in my shoes not to apply for anything at this time of year!
  7. I sell the idea that I really want the job when applying, and believe me, I would work in a fast food outlet tommorow, you seriously cannot be selective when there is nothing to select. When every job has hundreads of applicants, they cant find the most suitable applicant, its like a lottery.
  8. been out of work now for a month and its getting to the make or break point with cash running out, bills stacking up and every job that i apply for a follow it up with a phone call a few days later and the response is '100s of people have applied and we cant get back to everyone' If thats not the case its agencies advertising fake jobs, just to get your details on there books. Its soul destroying hard work and all you get off the government if your young is slogans like 'chav britain', 'lazy youth of today' there must be people in the same boat as me getting seriously fed up. I have even applied for every fast food outlet and got nothing back, and this is coming from a 24 year old who has constantly been in work since school and has only had three jobs in that time. Frustrating is an understatment, but it really looks like this country is going down the pan and I dread to see what its like in the New Year when all the xmas temp jobs finish and the people fighting for jobs doubles or even trebles.
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