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  1. Just wondered if anyone else is having issues with EE broadband? The home phone works fine but Reuter does not want to play ball. It was fine this morning but tonight it's not working.
  2. Thanks for that information; don't suppose you know if any photos exist?
  3. This is about the only photo i can find of a support van; http://www.flickr.com/photos/34856582@N07/5532375781/ What did Sheffield Transport (pre-SYPTE) use? Im looking for pics mainly of the vans
  4. I remember, growing up in the 1980s/90s, that SYT used a variety of support vehicles (the misc. feet) painted up in the same liveries as the buses; Transits & Land Rovers etc. Im curious; i've never seen any such vehicles in the Sheffield Transport (pre SYPTE) colours. Im sure theres someone who can shed some light here.... maybe even some photos??
  5. Just spoke to yorkshire water as our water has been off for a while and the pipes have been banging;theres a burst main in the S17 area. An inspector is on his way to investigate and they will repair as soon as possible.
  6. We've lost it in Bradway too... surely can't be connected?! Anyone know anything?? Just phoned yorks water; burst pipe in S17!
  7. Thats further along, near Totley. This is opposite the new car park, in/at the ends of the house gardens. Might be connected i guess?
  8. Anyone know what is happening along Abbeydale Road South, near the bottom of Dore Road? The side between the minature railways and Dore Road is the only part that has not has the new street lights installed yet and with the tree clearing going on... it looks to me like they could be widening the road (to put a central 'turn-right' lane in for the new park and ride car park)... maybe i'm wrong though.. Any ideas???
  9. the hardware shop??... Used to buy all my sandpaper from there when i lived inWoodseats as it was about 1000 times better than Homebases!
  10. Co-incidence?.... Saw a Chinook helicopter fly over Bradway this afternoon... Not exactly a regular sight inour skies!
  11. Does anyone know somewhere in Sheffield that still does sharpening of garden shears... mine are so blunt it would be more effective to cut the grass with the kids knife and fork!
  12. I could be wrong; but im sure i noticed the 'leaning lampost' was like that before the contractors finished and cleared all the equipment etc away. No doubt hours of red-tape to get through to fix it, despite the fact they were still on site at the time!
  13. Thats fantastic info SUTman; thank you!! [don't suppose you've got any colour pics?]
  14. Is there anyone out there who can confirm/provide details (or has any photos) of buses in Sheffield Transport livery that ran with blue wheels instead of the regular red ones? I am particularly interested in any Atlanteans running with blue wheels.
  15. Am perhaps a little behind here; is the new car park a 'pay & display' type park and ride? Can't see them spending all this money on making a new car park and letting people park there for free, heaven forbid!! So, there be a few cars in the car park and the rest on the verge opposite or clogging up Dore Road..... Just as before then!! Just like Millhouses Park too.... Abbeydale Road South clogged up with parked cars and more-or-less empty car parks!
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