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  1. What people like you always like to ignore is the fact that there are no end of women that enjoy flaunting themselves and being the sex object.
  2. Its classic methodology of anybody really, its natural for anyone to divert negative attention away from themselves and on to something else.
  3. You're an employee of John Lewis are'nt you??
  4. Unless and until you say who told you this, I for one will take this with a pinch of salt.
  5. You're on Sheffield forum, inherited wealth is anathema to all the socialists on here.
  6. Good on you for this, there's nothing I hate more than littering...nearly everytime I walk from the car to my front door, I pick up bits of litter on the way; some people look at me funny and think I'm making some sort of statement to them by doing it.
  7. Do people have very visible tattoo's on their hands, necks and even faces to ensure that they remain unemployable?
  8. It must be great to have plenty of spare time to do things like chant in town in the middle of the afternoon.
  9. Aaah, but that matters not, remember the guidance..."any event is racist if perceived to be so by ANYONE". People perceive what he said to racist, so it is. End of. Can't argue with Macpherson.
  10. In the eighties, on May day, Blunkett had a red flag flying at the town hall.
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