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  1. A friend and neighbour of mine, a member of the clergy, is going to be presented with maundy money from the queen.
  2. What are your thoughts of the online twitter abuse re Andy Murray.
  3. no sorry those names are not familiar to me. What years were you/your sisters there?
  4. I went to burngreave school in the late 5os early 60s. The dreaded miss yeates was head teacher there. She used to say that c&a stood for cheap and awful! Dont think she was impressed with em, but then she wasn't impessed with much.
  5. people don't use this store because of the enourmously hiked prices.
  6. Genuinely hope the culprit/s are found and given the sentance they deserve. Condolences to his family.
  7. My mother worked at the grand, not as a chef, but did comment to me about hygene, or total lack of it to be precise whilst she was there. Not sure of year but do know she was there during the time that Cliff Richard was there.
  8. Has any one tried the fish and chip shop. I am sure someone said it is expensive but very nice. It is good but far too expensive. I use one on Attercliffe road.It's take away or dine in. Better than Whitbys and a lump cheaper.
  9. good to know the dog found. did it just "do a runner"?
  10. Perhaps you should post on the pet forum. I do hope thecollie is returned to the owner. Let us know any developments.
  11. I second that cat lover. My daughter works there, and she says the level of care is outstanding.
  12. Hi there, have tried to send you info by pm,but for some reason it seems not to have been successful??? please contact me again, and perhaps it'll let me send the info. Thanks.
  13. Well desrved John. The world is a better place because of you.
  14. Thanks for the advice. How do I ask the mods to move thread?
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