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  1. Really sorry to hear about Brude, he was a nice old Boy
  2. Thank you very much for your recommendations its much appreciated Sadly though I can't take on any more walks at the moment, unless I clone myself sorry.
  3. Yes thats him, I saw him with Bella a lot, there are some wicked people about
  4. While out walking dogs today I was chatting to a Man that I used to see regularly with his Dogue de Bordeaux, sadly his dog has just died and had 3 different types of poison in her system, also a Lab has been poisoned and died as well in the same area. There is rubbish in bags scattered about in the park and his dog had been rooting about in that before she became ill, please be careful walking dogs in that area and don't let your dogs run free in the park.
  5. I was sorry to hear about what is happening with Harvey, I hope that it turns out to be something more easily managed and that you can get Harvey better
  6. Oh that is bad then, I don't blame you for not wanting to go through that again obviously walks really are out no matter how careful. I think its just a case of being outside until he does it and praise him, and as others have said to take him out lots at times when you know he is likely to go.
  7. Its so kind of you to knit for rescues, I'm sure that some would be happy to take advantage of it.
  8. Sorry for your loss, it must have been such a shock
  9. I agree, I think that its all about quality of life he can't be feeling to happy in himself at the moment. Why not try just a slow gentle walk with breaks for a rest and be careful in warm weather, give him a treat then take him back as soon as he's done what he needs to.
  10. I just looked at the link and the owners have him back, 18 years old what a tough cookie
  11. Great news, good to know of 2 less staffies left in the pound this Christmas
  12. I've not seen him (I dog walk in Firth park) if I see him and he has no disc or chip I will pop him along to the dog pound where he will at least be safe.
  13. It could be that the staff had been busy getting ready for opening all morning and were grabbing a quick bite of dinner before opening the doors, surely thats not to much to ask? I do agree that flexibility is a good thing and it works both ways but I suppose these rescues are just so busy that if they started it then it could turn into a fiasco if they let one person in they have to let others in and the whole day is messed up. If I really wanted something though I would be of the opinion that 20 mins is a small wait at the side of a lovely new friend for life.
  14. A lot of people are blaming Harvest mites for these problems but its not proven as of yet, be careful the mites are definitely around now.
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