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  1. My grandad drove for them before and after the war. His name was Gilbert Howsham, I have a photo of him in front of his coach about 1953 but dont seem to be able to get it on here.
  2. URL=http://s119.photobucket.com
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me how to insert a photo on a thread. Thanks.
  4. http://s119photobucket.com Trying to upload a photo, dont seem to be working
  5. There was a bloke lived in the next yard to us on Barton Rd. His name was Mr Fry, he was a teacher at the Maud Maxfield deaf school and he drove a grey Aston Martin. Came home one day and he had a brand new metalic red Aston DB5, just like James Bond.
  6. Hi to eveyone from Heeley. I was born at 34, Barton Rd in 1950. Went to Anns Rd scoool, my mum would bring my coat to school if it was raining. She worket at Skeltons and I remember going to see the flooded railway bridge one dinnertime and putting my foot in a muddy puddle, went up to my knees. Happy Days. Now live in Licolnshire.
  7. Hi,I worked at Gleesons on Meadowhead from about 1973. Looking out from the repair shop window at the back there was a foxes lair and we would watch the young foxes playing. There was also a woodworking company owned by Gleesons called Northern Woodworkers. They made all the window frames, staircases etc for the houses they built.
  8. Anyone know about the singer called Gary, he used to be in a group called `BREADLINE` many years ago and they were managed by a guy called Carl who had a little office on West Bar.
  9. Douglas Lamb also wrote a book called "Last Orders"
  10. Hi,has anyone got any photos of NSMs Scammell tippers. Remember they looked very smart in their yellow livery.
  11. Hi, my first tipper job was with Henry Mathews in about 71/2 driving a 6w Albion, think the reg No. was UWE 440 F. Has anyone got any photos of their trucks, would be nice to see any.
  12. Think there is a Bubble Car Museum near Boston, Lincs.
  13. Hi, I was born in 1950 in Barton Rd, just down from Gregory Rd. Went to Anns Rd, then Bents Green because they said I was underweight, wish I was now. Then to Newfield till 1965. Delivered the Star for the paper shop at the bottom of Well Rd.,next to the Heeley Palace. Seem to remember there were lots of courts on Oak St,took some remembering. Then delivered meat on a Sat morning for the Co-Op at Heeley Green, did one day with the old `Butchers Bike` with the basket on the front, weighed a ton so bought a big rucksack and used my own bike. Lived at Barton Rd till we moved to a new maisonette at Batemoor in about 1967. New houses now all round Barton Rd and Gregory Rd, seems very small now.
  14. Hi, does anybody have any photos of the excavation for the Town Hall extension. It ended up a massive hole, worked on there but never took any photos.
  15. Thanks Alan, the photo of the Foden is just as I remember it.
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