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  1. Lloyd Powell's local history classes are resuming Monday March 9th at Hillsborough Library. Weekly from 6.30pm to 8pm. Just turn up if interested. £6 each session
  2. Hi, everyone, We are clearing out our attic and have a lot of folders and tons of plastic sleeves to give away. If a charity or anyone! wants them please pm me or call 01142334744 Cheers
  3. This is for all you history buffs. Lloyd Powell has resumed his local history classes. Mondays at the Queens Head pub near the bus station, 10.15am to 12.15. £6 each session. For those who are working he now does evening sessions at Forge Valley school, 6.30pm to 8.30, Mondays, £6 Just turn up or if you wanr more info pm me
  4. Lloyd Powell is starting a new evening class on the History of South Yorkshire from April 15th at Forge Valley school, Wood Lane. Times 6.30pm to 8pm £5 each session. All welcome Just turn up or pm me if you want more info
  5. Would like to second your comments, Celt. I go to pub weekly to history classes there and we've been bowled over by refurb. Most of us eat lunch there and am intending to try the Czech food soon.
  6. The young couple who have taken on the Queens Head pub (by the bus station) are Czech abd are doing Czech specials. BTW pub has had a recent refurbishment and looks very smart now
  7. My partner is currently laid up with broken ankle. Would be grateful for suggestions for wheelchair friendly venues for a bite to eat etc. BTW we live in Wadsley so local venues would be useful. Have been to Admiral Rodney but are now stumped for somewhere else.
  8. Hi everyone Lloyd Powell is planning some local history evening classes to start in January..They will be on Monday evenings 7pm to 8.30. The venue is yet to be decided but it will be in the Hillsborough vicinity and have good car parking facilities and good public transport links. The cost will be £5 each session. Would be happy to give anyone interested more info, so pm me or call on 2334744
  9. Journey into space (and Charles Chilton's other serials) are regularly repeated on Radio4extra. Its on at the moment. Channel 708 on your telly, or through your lap top. They all hold up very well Enjoy
  10. Just had a new kitchen fitted and feel I must sing praises of Phil Beer. He has made us a bespoke kitchen of our dreams at a fraction of the price we would have paid out to some 'big name' And all in wood. Don't know how he does it, but we're so glad he does! Contact details for him 07930562436
  11. Just to remind regulars, and anyone else who might be interested, that Lloyd Powell's Local History class resumes Monday Sept 10th, at the Queens head pub, 10.15 to 12.15. £5 each session PM me if you need more info
  12. The battle of Brunanburh is one of the most important in English history. Athelstan (grandson of Alfred) defeated an army of his combined enemies (vikings included) to become High King of all England. Without this victory, England as we know it, would not exist. BTW there are strong reasons for believing that it took place at Tinsley. Further info - I live in Wadsley, origin Woden's clearing.
  13. Those of you who, like myself, believe this incredibly important battle took place at Tinsley might be interested in Lloyd Powell's and Gary Talbot's talk on the subject at the Queens Head Pub on Monday, 23rd, 10.30 to 1pm £5 Those who believe it took place elsewhere, are also welcome!
  14. Hi, all those interested in the past. Lloyd Powell and Gary Talbot are doing 3 weekly illustrated talks on Battles of the Dark Ages at the Queens Head Pub, starting Monday July 2. From 10.30 to 1pm. They do a great double act and are only charging £5 each session. Anyway, hope some of you can join us
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