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  1. Do you know of anyone locally who has trained in this?
  2. Hi again Elizabeth, It's really very difficult to say without knowing more about you, also sometimes 'less is more' with regard to the supplements - again I would have to know more about what you are taking ... so sorry I can't help you more via the forum. :sad:
  3. Ahh Elizabeth ... it sounds like you have been working on yourself for some time! I hope you find the solution soon. I'm sure it's 'out there' somewhere.
  4. Eat healthily and you will automatically achieve the body weight that is right for you! Add exercise into the equation and you will achieve it even quicker! Understanding how negative food affects your body will help you make positive diet and lifestyle changes ensuring you attain and maintain good health for life. I hold certified Nutrition Courses so you can gain the knowledge required to make those choices. These courses are suitable for all, and full of fun and fascinating facts to help you achieve your personal goals. The next course (8 modules) will run over 4 weeks commencing January 21st 2012. More information on http://www.newlifenutrition.co.uk
  5. That's the hard part I guess! Cleaning up your nutrition can certainly help give you greater clarity, and would probably help with those irritating symptoms too ...
  6. Lucky you having all those wonderful apples! If only I didn't have a postage stamp for a garden .... sigh
  7. True ... and how often do we stop and listen to what our body is telling us? When it tries to speak we reach for a pill bottle or lotion or potion to stop uncomfortable 'communication' and so totally ignore it! Where's the 'Nurture' in that?
  8. PRIME MOVER certainly gets results! You can't fail to be motivated to achieve your goals ... nice people too!
  9. :smile:Hi Claire, Eating 'totally' Raw is a way of life that not many people manage to follow, it certainly requires dedication! Making some transition towards Living Foods will certainly benefit your health/how you feel/how you look ... just do what you can. Although it may be harder to do in winter when we very often want warming foods! A REALLY GOOD blender is pretty much a must eg VitaMix, and a dehydrator helps but there is plenty you can do without the latter. I'm hoping to run a course next Spring when we should (hopefully) get some warmer weather.
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