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  1. I second Twisted Burger Company at The Harley! xx
  2. Anyone know what's going on at The West End? I really liked it before the last owners had to give it up at Christmas - it was quirky and friendly and fun - sadly couldn't sustain quite enough trade to keep open. There's workmen there every day when I walk past, so it's obviously re-opening soon. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what sort of vibe the new landlords are going for. The big "BT Sport" banners make me a little nervous that it won't be my sort of pub. Cheers.
  3. It says on their FB that the earlybird weekend tickets have sold out but there's still plenty of day tickets available. That's the thing with earlybird tickets - you gotta get them early! I can't wait for the weekend!
  4. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether you can plug your headphones into the machines (cross trainer, treadmill etc) to listen the TV's up on the walls? It sounds lame but i like to watch MTV etc otherwise i get bored, then i'll end up not going! Also, general feedback about Pure Sheffield would be appreciated - opinions on classes etc Thank you
  5. Me and the boyfriend went down on Sunday afternoon for a drink in the sun. The place looks pretty nice, although I'm not sure how inviting that grey will look once winter kicks in. However, the decor is lovely inside. The staff were a little slow, but attentive and pleasant so I'm sure that side of service will get ironed out. As for the drinks... my boyfriends pint of ale was apparently lovely, clean pipes, good temperature etc. but my mojito was horrific. I always order a mojito in any new cocktail bar I visit as it is a real barometer of the level of cocktail training/knowledge of the staff. Firstly, they made the cocktail in a shaker!!! A mojito in a shaker!!! So I ended up with little bits of mint floating around. They used far too much soda in ratio to crushed ice so it quickly became diluted. It was just a crap mojito, and served in a "quirky" jar with a handle. I would be interested in re-visiting Graze Inn to try the food, but I won't be ordering cocktails from there in a hurry. (If any of you are wondering, I think The Wick at Both Ends and The Old House do the best mojitos in Sheffield. Further afield, the Blood Orange Mojito in Keko Moku in Manchester is to die for) xx
  6. Barry's Bar on London Road. They do authentic West Indian cuisine, and Red Stripe in bottles It's not an upmarket place to say the least, but it's got what you want...
  7. Gusto is lovely, but also very pricey - you pay for the quality of the food. I agree that chain's are not as good as independent restaurants, but if it is Italian you want, going somewhere like Zizzi's isnt such an awful idea, they make the pizzas infront of you - they certainly aren't reheated. And although I do prefer eating in independents, you can always rely on chains to be decent if not AMAZING, they often have mid-week/early diner deals so are more affordable. xx
  8. I went to the Milestone for a birthday with my (ex-)boyfriend a few months ago and found it to be extremely disappointing. Yama Sushi is fantastic - in my opinion the best sushi in Sheffield and such a cute intimate restaurant. WasabiSabi could be a lot of fun if you booked yourself on to one of the Teppanyaki tables. For a real treat Gusto is definitely worth a try. To die for. I will be ensuring my next boyfriend takes me there!!! Hope that helps xx
  9. Hahaha I do find that as a general rule ale drinkers are sanctimonious, preachy and humorless - they have an infuriating sense of superiority.
  10. Why not try a simple search on google and Facebook? http://www.dqsheffield.com/our-nights/ http://www.facebook.com/events/346804198699643/ UGLY is a great night though, so have fun!
  11. Yes they are! Which is fricking AWESOME. Line up is looking really good already. This link should help you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tramlines+2012+lineup
  12. Ok sorry for my lack of humour: Hahaha what a hilarious joke. LADIES please help I need my Brazilian!!!
  13. Creepy men, please resist the temptation to reply to this post. It doesn't make you look funny or clever. It's just a bit sad.
  14. Hey all, The beautician at Wigs and Warpaint who did a FANTASTIC Brazilian wax has left the salon, and they wouldn't tell me her full name so I can't find her to book a wax with her. So I have two questions/requests: 1) Her first name was Nicola. Does anyone know her full name and which salon she is working at now? If so, please let me know and I'll book an appointment with her post-haste! 2) If no-one knows her whereabouts, can any of you other Forum-ers reccommend a good waxer in Sheffield City Center and the surrounding area? I live in Crookesmore and dont have a car so need to be able to get their fairly easily. A good waxer should: be quick, be friendly, do a thorough job - no stray hairs left!! Any help would be appreciated ladies. (If any of you know someone who works with thick hot wax rather than strip wax then that would be extra awesome) Thanks.
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