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  1. ??????? 3 men 'ejected' my friend so you must have the wrong person. She was dragged out on the floor, nothing polite about it. I witnessed the whole thing my friend was extremely upset by it all. I was obviously bladdered and dont know what I'm on about...
  2. I love how so many other stories get added into this! Anyone who is still disbelieving of what happened thats fine everyone has their own opinions they are entitled to them. I have no reason to lie though, just wanted to let people know about what I consider to be pretty awful behaviour. My friend did contact the police but that was pretty much pointless. A member of the Players bar staff has contacted me using this forum with a name and address to complain to, but I cant honestly see that going any further. Thank you to everyone who has left me nice messages though and its a shame to hear about similar stories happening in Players and other bars.
  3. Thank you for this comment!! If your pregnant friend was not drinking she clearly wasnt being sick due to over consumption. The fact that you got called fat aswell makes it obvious that must be there favourite insult, pregnant is not fat and I am not fat so its quite hilarious really.
  4. 2 insignificant people such as me and my friend boycotting the place wont particularly make any difference and the bouncers will still treat people in this way.
  5. I dont know how i was supposed to come and discuss details with you last night, as the bouncers were 'ejecting' my friend and then being rude to me, they werent exactly welcoming us back in with open arms so that we could go and complain ?? I shall PM you anyhow.
  6. Well its not like theres that many places left to go in Sheffield its really gone down hill over the past few years!
  7. Thank you for all the comments (the nice ones haha!) I am 100% telling the truth thank you! And yes yes yes my friend was drunk and she was stupid to get herself in that state I do not disagree with that at all. But she was sick, left the cubicle, came to wash her hands, she was talking to me not passed out rolling around on the floor too drunk too even know whats happening, we were absolutely about to leave and go home as it was late and vomit breath isnt exactly very alluring on a night out! And then boooom the bouncers burst in and you know the rest of the story. Getting drunk and being sick is irresponsible behaviour, but no one deserves to be treated like that.
  8. Being drunk and throwing up most definately doesnt help and I know from previously having worked in bars people throwing up isnt exactly appealing. I just dont like it how the bouncers threw there weight around like that and then had the cheek to call me fat whats that got to do with anything!? I have found a few other complaints on forums about the bouncers aswell, they seem to be on some sort of power trip!
  9. I think one of the 'lucky lucky' ladies must have told them I have no idea how ?? (The ladies with the perfume and hairspray) I was waiting a while as she was beng sick in the cubicle and it wasnt that busy so I could hear her...
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to just air some frustrations... Joined today after a bit of research about Players Bar in Sheffield, found there was quite a few similar complaints out there. So... last night me and my friend are having a nice night in town, had been to quite a few bars so its safe to say we were quite merry. Went into Players, like we do most weekends, and first stop was the loo. My friend unfortunately had drank too much and was sick in the loo. In the cubicle not all over, but she was sick. She came out of the cubicle and said she felt much better after that. She was washing her hands and we were about to leave the loos, when about three bouncers burst into the loos, picked up my friend and dragged her out of the bar. I'm not exagerating here, they literally dragged her like an animal across the floor. They then chucked her on the pavement outside. She was in tears at this point, they had hurt her and broken her bag in the process. Although my friend was sick and maybe should have stopped drinkin sooner, thats no reason to be dragged out like an animal in front of everyone. When they came in to get her she wasnt legged out on the floor or passed out, she was fine, stood up at the sink washing her hands you couldnt even tell to look at her that she had been sick. When I got outside I said to one of the bouncers, 'theres no need to be so rough with her', and his smug face replied something along the lines of 'you're really fat'!! I may not be the standard size 6 you apparently have to be to work there, but I am definately not fat at all!! I think this treatment is awful and I absolutely wont be returning to Players for a while. I dont know if there is anyone I could complain to, but I know that it wont get taken seriously as we had both been drinking and also the fat comment will just be laughed at. Anyone have any ideas?? There is an email to contact them but I know this will be pointless. So just wanted to let everyone know what is apparently acceptable behaviour in Sheffield city centre nowadays. Thanks
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