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  1. Id hardly call a minimum wage of £8.21 or £328.40 per 40 hr week as living in poverty.
  2. Complete over the top response from Brum council and the plod. The message here folks is, if you dont tow the PC party line , then we will try and silence you with threats of prison and fines.
  3. Seems that Muppet Ball isnt as squeaky clean as he makes out . https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-7084115/GUY-ADAMS-man-took-24-000-fighting-fund-pay-himself.html Hypocrite
  4. So everyone has to be a brainwashed robot and hold the same views ?
  5. Any proof to back up your " assumption " old boy ?
  6. Thats her right to vote that way . I have no problem with how she voted.
  7. The school curriculum should be kept to maths , english , languages , science , etc. For me there is no place in any school for any teaching of any form of religion or sexuality.
  8. I expect over 650 prosecutions for politicians lying then. They ALL lie , its part of the job description Are they all going to be prosecuted ?
  9. Who is this Marcus Ball muppet ? And who are his " backers " ? A price worth paying to get away from those muppets in Brussels.
  10. Sheffield Result - Brexit Party win
  11. So the 52% who voted to Leave are a "mob" . Next you will be trotting out the remain line that everyone who voted leave is a white ,working class , thick racist .
  12. Anything that causes grief among the Socialist EU is good with me.
  13. I Will be having a few beers tonight when the Brexit party wipe the floor with the tories and Labour and win the most seats .
  14. Step up Boris . YOUR country needs you. Time yo get a proper hardline Brexiteer in No10.
  15. Thursdays EU elections is basically a second referendum isnt it ? Brexit party v Remain parties. Looks like a peoples vote to me.
  16. That dosnt stop the religious cults of all variations trying.
  17. So if i walk past one of these spy cameras wearing a full face balaclava , that would be ok ?
  18. Oh , the irony of Gordon Brown calling for Brexit Parties donations to be investigated. The same Gordon Brown who gave peerages to some of Labour`s biggest donors.
  19. I was thinking more about pedestrians ? Sure EVERY person these cameras are pointed at should have their face uncovered .
  20. will EVERYONE covering their face be fined ?
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