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  1. I have submitted an offer for a house and just waiting to see if it is accepted. Does anyone have any recommendations for a solicitor and a surveyor? Not originally from here and the property purchasing thing is a minefield!!!! Thank you.
  2. Thanks - but have read some bad reviews about them....
  3. Morning All I am looking for a kennel and cattery as my boyfriend has a dog and I have two cats, and to make life easier/less stress for everyone (including the pets) if it could be in the one place. We are located in S20 but can and will travel for a decent place. Have been reading some horror stories, so just wanted to pick your brains. Many thanks in advance. J
  4. Can anyone recommend a chiropodist in Sheffield? Thanks in anticipation.
  5. Hi I am looking for recommendations for a garage to re-fit my "belly plate" onto my audi a3 and also a bracket on the exhaust. Thanks
  6. Looking for a budget reliable removal company. Moving on Saturday 15th August from Walkley (house) to Stannington (2nd Floor flat). There will be an l shaped suite, white goods (american fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer) bed, drawers and various boxes. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. I am looking for a gardener to clear a garden - very overgrown with bushes and long grass. Also, I require a full house clean (4 bed, 2 reception rooms, kitchen, bathroom). Required for w/c 17th August. Would be very grateful for recommendations! Thanks
  8. The incident starter! I'm from Scotland and even I know where the EIS is....
  9. A direct quote from the First website regarding recruitment for bus drivers Are you passionate about Customer Service? Do you aim to bring professional, high quality service to all customers? Do you wish to join a company that puts their employees first? Being a driver at First Group is about much more than being a driver. It’s about putting your customer service skills to work and really looking after your passengers, no matter who they are, or where they’re headed. So I would say that was an epic fail on behalf of that bus driver!
  10. I received a windscreen parking ticket today when I was in the Flora Street Iceland. I usually park at the side of Iceland so today went there. I noticed nice new double yellow painted lines but there were another 10 cars there so thought nothing of it. Comes back to find i had a ticket, spoke to the ticket issuer who grunted and pointed at the double yellows and then wandered off. She ticketed the car to my left but not my right - bizzare! Anyway do I have to pay the £80 as its extremely excessive? Do i appeal to the retailers as there is so little parking there?
  11. I live in S6 and went down to the corner shop one night, about 9pm - very dark. I could hear the annoying sounds of an offroader but couldn't see him. The idiot was flying up and down the road with no lights on! I did hope that he'd wrap himself round a lamppost but he didn't :-(
  12. There was a poor connection on the battery, the new battery was flat! Getting a guy that people use in work. Thanks for all your help/advice!
  13. Verdict is in! The alternator isnt doing its job so getting fixed next week £200 lighter!
  14. Thanks bessmeg! Terminals aren't loose on the battery - the connector things from the car to the battery can be wiggled. Yes it's the correct battery. I wouldn't start the car like that but will try the jump lead thing tonight and see what it shows.... Do I just connect them to the battery and leave the other ends unconnected?
  15. Hi blackberry would glow plugs stop it starting? When I turn the key there is nothing - the sound of silence I really bl**dy hate cars sometimes!
  16. Yeh - was put on a tester and was showing fully charged. When I unhooked the charger cables, the dashboard lights started to fade? The only way we could get it started was if it was on the jump leads for 10 mins, all dashboard lights were lit, then roll it down the hill and jump it as the engine wouldn't turn over. Although, when changing the battery the leads were tightened up as much as I could, but they could wiggle (if that makes sense). So thinking I've bought a new battery for nothing as the old one was probably fine I dunno if a garage would charge to look at it - just my other half has lost his job so money is quite tight at the moment....
  17. Have checked all the fuses I could find geared! My key fob opens the central locking when it is connected to another car with jump leads bessmeg?
  18. Hi I have an Audi A3 1.9tdi and went to go out at the weekend in it and it was totally dead - no instrument lights, nothing. So, replaced the battery and a couple of fuses - still nothing. Spoken to a mechanic today and he is coming to look at it on Friday but said it could need a new alternator. Could anyone give me an idea of price to fit and replace the alternator (so I don't collapse on the floor on Friday when he tells me ) The car wasn't expensive so don't know if I want to plow money into it if it is one thing after another (a crystal ball would be fab at this point!). Thanks for your help.
  19. In case you are one of the many that get their free tea/coffee from Waitrose, as from 9 February 2015 they are changing the "rules". Free tea and coffee etiquette 1. Become a myWaitrose member and shop with us a little (or a lot) 2. Enjoy a free tea or coffee when you pop in for your groceries 3. Swipe your myWaitrose card at the till In our Cafés From 9 February we will be asking myWaitrose members who wish to enjoy their free tea or coffee in one of our Cafés to also purchase a treat - such as a sandwich, cake, biscuit or piece of fruit. This change will enable us to continue to offer our customers the enjoyable service they expect. It seems to only affect those customers using the Cafe.
  20. Ha! In Glasgow, you have to have the exact fare and no change is given - would LOVE to see that down here - the amount of folk that faff about at the bus stop looking for the money/ticket - you are at the bus stop for a reason - have your cash/ticket ready!
  21. R Buddy Storage - they store caravans and I am sure I have seen a boat there!!! http://www.rbuddy.co.uk/
  22. I have two cats that have been indoor cats since I got them as kittens. Due to a previous cat being run over, it was mine and my partners decision to keep them as indoor cats. I live on a busy main road so wouldn't dream of letting them out. However, I do have a harness and lead for each and they are quite happy to toddle round the garden and do general cat things.
  23. The chip shop has been knocked down! Was there yesterday, gone today! Who knows what will be getting built there now.
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