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  1. having travelled up and down the M1 around 10 around Meadowhall and Nottingham please can someone tell me when the road works ill stop . what's the point of having a motorway when you can't travel at motorway speeds . last night I travelled on the road at around 10 down to one lane but no signs to say 50miles speed limit . I travelled at 50 but cars were speeding past at 70 and the over head cameras were going off.!!!!!!!!
  2. swfc2001

    Light weight laptop

    looking for a light weight laptop have around £200 would prefer with box pm me with model and cost
  3. swfc2001

    Microsoft surface pro wanted

    MIcrosoft surface pro wanted cash waiting
  4. Mac Pro 1.1 2*Dual Core 2.66 CPUS 2TB storage 18GB memory Running El Capitan AMD 6850 Graphics card swap for Surface Pro or any light laptop
  5. swfc2001

    Channel 4 HQ - Sheffield

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-40591447 Why not Sheffield . they even got Bradford bidding for this? ---------- Post added 13-07-2017 at 13:14 ---------- not even in the article !!!
  6. Sheffield is becoming a nightmare to get around road works everywhere !!
  7. swfc2001

    Sheffield City Centre Parking

    didn't go in could not find a place to park near it!!! wanted to but a TV from there
  8. Was in sheffield City Centre today trying to find a parking spot to go into Currys on the moor only wanted to park up 20 mins. unable to find a parking space all Disabled parking? is there any where i could have parked for free? just a another sale lost to the city centre again !!!!! just going so down hill !!!!
  9. just notice a sign to park in sheffield at bottom of moor on street parking for work £24 ! also notice the Car hire car parked in its own bay ? do they pay for parking or are they charged for this?
  10. swfc2001

    Tesco fuel price in Dinnington

    well that means no competition between garages if the sell at the same price so some sort agreement must be there?
  11. swfc2001

    Tesco fuel price in Dinnington

    also A57 there are 3 garages within 3 miles of each other selling at the same price ? so seem to me that there is a lot of price fixing !!!! ---------- Post added 15-09-2013 at 17:10 ---------- and these garages are owned by supermarkets!!!
  12. Do you think tesco's at dinnington fuel is a very expensive. Seems to be more than 3p then any were else .
  13. swfc2001

    Adobe reader trouble

    yep very slow !!
  14. swfc2001

    Feral children in Swallownest!!

    funny but try !!

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