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  1. I have a cataylitic converter off my Skoda Felicia any idea best scrapyard to take it or is it worth it?
  2. hi anyone get woken up really early in a morning on jordanthorpe are batemoor always seems to be around 6 ish don't know who it is but he always thinks its good to rev is engine loud and do burn outs to wake everyone up near premier shop on batemoor he did it this morning but iwas half asleep and the view of the shop isn't great what can ya do ??
  3. seen 2 lads running across a57 month back with a stihl chainsaw as they were few guys chopping the trees down next to carriage near handsworth asda obviously while they weren't looking they sneaked in and took it truth is they always get away with it and when they get caught there back doing it again never take your eye off your stuff comeon it Sheffield lots of rats here
  4. hi I have a querie regarding the carpark in staples it says your not aloud to stay in longer then 1 hour does that mean your only allowed in a hour per day are can you leave and come back after abit and get another hour???as I received a fine threw the post saying I enterd at 10 am and left at 2;30pm but I had left and gone back between them times am I screwd ???will I have to pay the fine??? ---------- Post added 05-05-2015 at 16:07 ---------- sorry this is the staples in town acrss from declathlon
  5. yes be carefull when you put your clothes in the one at heeley because ive seen a few Romanians fishing the clothes out was discusted when I drove past and seen a few dragging clothes out what suppose to go to charity
  6. yes I agree ithink glowplugs are needed its a x reg corsa b 1.7 d ithink it maybe the Isuzu engine idont know a lot but maybe im rong but the fella who was saying it doesn't need glowplugs unless zero sub temp just doesn't sound right but if am rong ill eat humble pie
  7. Thanks for help glow plugs do look old almost rotting if am honest took a look this morning glow plugs don't look cheap tho
  8. can anyone help I have a corsa b 1.7 diesel ive not had many diesels but iknow they can be a pain to start in a morning sometimes,however ive tried starting mine in a morning and it takes ages to start ive found when I turn the ignition on the glowplug light only comes on for about 2 seconds then goes off so im having to keep turning ignition on and off 20 times shouldn't the glowplug light on ignition stay on for atleast 10 seconds?ive been told there is a timing relay switch could it be this?
  9. anyone know of any garages in s8 area that's open on a Saturday as lookslike my rear brake cylinders gone on my corsa has its leeking are can anyone come do it and howmuch would charge id have a go myself but I have no tools
  10. youll normally find when kids are in a gang they will be brave different story when there on there own I think id have gone to shop bought some eggs drove past and egged them yh sounds childish and fun but also effective
  11. should name and shame the criminal then lets string him up lets face it in prison they'll get fed and bed
  12. ive got an iphone 3g works on vodaphone ive been in the settings found the options for 02 t mobile orange ect when i click on 02 option the tick apears but when i put 02 simm in it wont work do i have to pay to getit unlocked as i was told you can do it manually for free
  13. hi i have a corsa b 1 litre 12valve however when i start it up theres like a scraping sound i cant proper describe it but sounds like its coming from the alternater are one of the wheels the aux belt runs on however they all seem to be tight no wobbling of belt and the battery lights not coming on and seems to run fine anyone got any ideas ???yes before anyone else wants to check my spelling mistakes ur right i cant spell for <REMOVED>
  14. happend on lingfoot i noticed a few not on here to write a book are make my spelling look nice and tidy cos i know i cant spell for <REMOVED> lol just to let people know whats going on maybe someone round the corner from me are whoever had it done to there car may have had cctv are something but gives the keyboard warriors something to writeabout aswell
  15. when convicted they will scarper are get about 2 years in jail this countrys to soft
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