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  1. Who and where sells the best pasties in Sheffield?
  2. Just wondered if there was any possibility that Henry's which was situated at the bottom of Cambridge Street could eventually reopen?
  3. It's the same area's every time and if you're from Sheffield you know where they are. So if you're thinking of moving here do your homework!
  4. The road I live on in Oughtibridge was done in 2014 for the tour de France. It now needs doing again in parts. Amey are a joke of a company.
  5. What on earth is happening to the paper shop in Oughtibridge? It's been 6 months since it was damaged by fire. Absolutely nothing has been said about it, has anyone got any information on the situation?
  6. When i first started drinking in the mid 70's drinking in town was always more expensive than in the suburbs, now that has been reversed for the most part, unless you happen to live in a student area like Broomhill where The Place and Fox And Duck are great value.
  7. My thoughts are it will still attract the usual suspects, once you have that reputation it is very difficult to change things round and it will need a strong character in charge to revive it's fortunes but i wish them well.
  8. Does anyone know if Thornbridge are taking over Sportsman on cambridge street in city centre which has closed?
  9. How about this! Blu 88 on west street (Hallamshire Hotel) £13.60 for a double vodka and red bull (second shot for £1) and a double jamesons and soda, I questioned the manager and he knew the price off the top of his head so it must have been correct. Never again!
  10. How ironic is it that the supposed greenest city in this country is felling trees at an alarming rate? 10 healthy mature trees were butchered to extend a perimeter fence across from where i work in Attercliffe and driving home today they have felled another dozen (at least) on the central reservation on Penistone road apparently to plant new ones!
  11. Hillsborough is quite expensive for houses and renting so why is the shopping so downmarket?
  12. Nothing to do with brewery the woman who runs it is the tenant she sets the prices
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